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Manage your orders - Purchase, shipping and product returns


Can I choose between carriers on the Nu Skin website when placing an order?


No. When placing an order, you can choose between home delivery, pick-up point (if available in your market) or express delivery (if available in your market). 


Type Evening  Delivery Home  Delivery
Carrier Dropp Pósturinn
Shipping Fee
Standard shipping 1254 kr 1254 kr
Orders above 42.000kr (vitameals excluded) Free  Free
Estimated Delivery Time (working days)
Regular shipping time (working days) Same-Day / 1 Day (17-22hrs) 1-3 Days
Track & Trace
Pre-delivery notification available one day before delivery You get a notification at 17:00hrs, with a timeframe. You will get a trackingnumber and message when it is shipped.
Delivery Info
Saturday delivery No No
Sunday delivery No No
Not at Home
Delivery attempts 1 1
Leave at neighbour No Yes
Leave at secure location No No
Leave at pick-up point Yes Yes
Storage at pick-up point 7 Days  7 Days
Leave in mailbox
No  No

*Vitameal does not contribute towards the free shipping limit

After placing an order, how can I know which carrier will deliver the package?


After placing an order, you will not know immediately which carrier service will deliver the order. However, as soon as the order has been processed and the tracking (code) has been generated, you will receive an email notification from the responsible carrier that the order has been dispatched. Please therefore make sure your email address is up to date in our system.

I cannot select Express shipping, why is that?


If your market is eligible for Express shipping, you should be able to select Express shipping for your parcel, except for one including our devices. Devices with lithium batteries are not allowed to be transported via air due to safety regulations, hence Express shipping will not show at the checkout.

Which type of payments are available?


Nu Skin accept VISA & MC as payment methods. We recommend that you check all the available payment types before placing your order during checkout.


What can I do if my card is declined?


If your credit card is not working:


  • Verify that you have sufficient funds on your card.
  • Contact your bank to ensure you do not have an international block or internet block automatically placed on your credit card.
  • It is possible that you have entered your credit card number incorrectly, please check the numbers and ensure that you are entering the details in correctly.
  • If you experience password issues with Verified by VISA or MasterCard SecureCode services, you will need to contact your credit card provider as Nu Skin does not have access to the secured information you have set up with either company.
  • If you are still unable to process your order, please contact your local Customer Service with your ID number


How do I cancel/change my order?


If you find that you need to cancel your order, you may only do so by calling your local Customer Service within 10 minutes of placing the order in this case there is a chance to stop/modify the order. Emailing a request is never recommended. After that time you need to go through the normal return process according to our Return, Refund and exchange Policy and Policies and Procedures.


Follow the link below to request an order cancellation. This option can be used in case you do not wish to receive your order. Please be aware that we can only cancel orders at a certain early stage, we cannot guarantee success in all cases.


Click here to fill out our form.

Where can I see my order history?


  • Log into your Nu Skin account on
  • Click on your name (on the top right of the webpage)
  • Then click on Profile

How will I receive my invoice?


Nu Skin EMEA no longer offers paper invoices with shipped orders to help conserve the environment. Your invoice will be emailed in PDF format. In case the paper version of the Invoice is required please reach out to Customer Service in your country.


Please click on the link below to request specific invoices of your previous orders. This option can be used if you are searching for an older order, or you cannot find the PDF sent automatically by our system.


Click here to fill out our form.

What does SV mean?


SV or Sales Volume is the monthly point value of the products and services you purchase from Nu Skin. SV is a base for Product Points calculation in ADR/Subscription orders.

I haven’t received my order. How do I find it?


The courier may decide that delivering to your neighbour is a safe alternative when you are not home to receive the parcel. Please check with your neighbours before contacting your local Customer Support or courier service.


You can check the status of your order delivery by clicking here on Order History and then following the Tracking link. If the Tracking information shows your order as delivered and you do not have it or if it has a status of being returned to our warehouse, please contact your local Customer Support office for assistance on a replacement.

How do I track my order?


Click here to track your order. Simply enter your order number and your postal or zip code, and you’ll find all the information you need.

Is it possible that 2 packages belonging to the same order with different tracking numbers will be delivered by a different courier service?


Yes, it is possible for packages belonging to the same order to be delivered by different courier services. This can occur based on factors such as the size and weight of the packages. For instance, one package from the same order may be delivered by UPS while another may be handled by DPD.

Can I request an address change once I have placed my order?


You will need to contact the carrier directly to make any change in your order address. If you have the carrier’s app, you should have the possibility to make an “inflight update” that will allow you to edit the address of the delivery. In addition, most carriers provide links in their confirmation emails to change the time and/or address of the delivery. Please note that we cannot emphasise enough the importance of having the correct address, email address, and phone number at the time of ordering.

I did not receive any tracking information regarding my order with a locker code. What should I do?


Please check the junk folder of your email first to make sure that your email was not discarded by your email provider. If you don’t find the email, please check which carrier is indicated in your order confirmation or, if you cannot find it, contact Customer Service. Please then contact the carrier customer service directly for them to provide the missing information. Generally, all the information should be emailed to you by the carrier. Please note that we cannot emphasise enough the importance of having the correct email address and phone number at the time of ordering, so that we can contact you.

What happens if the selected pick-up point is closed?


In case a pick-up point is temporarily closed (due to holidays, etc.), the parcel will be delivered to a close-by pick-up point facilitated by the same courier company. If this happens, you will be informed about the changes by the courier company.


In case the selected pick-up point is not available anymore, you will be contacted by customer service and asked to update the address / choose another pick-up point for your ADR Subscription order. In this case, your order might face some delays. 

I am missing a product from my order, what should I do?


If you are missing a product from your order:


Please check the entire shipment box and its contents and compare the order received with your packing slip. Also, please check if your order contains multiple parcels. If you are still missing a product, please contact your local Customer Service with the order number and a list of any missing products.


If the delivery box arrived damaged to the extent that a product could have fallen out, please email your local Customer Service with a photograph of the damaged box. You will also need to provide the order number and a list of any items missing. Please keep the delivery box for the courier to pick up for damage claims.

I have received the wrong product(s) in my order, what do I do?


If you have received an incorrect product, we recommend that you contact your local Customer Service and let the representative know the details of your order and they will assist you further.

What is the return, refund, exchange policy?


If you are not completely satisfied with your order, you are welcome to return any unopened products within the deadlines established in our Return/Refund & Exchange Policy and the Policies and Procedures from the date of purchase directly back to Nu Skin if purchased from the Company. Please contact your local Customer Service to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) number and full return instructions on how to return the products according to our Return, Refund and exchange Policy and our Policies and Procedures.


The return address is as follows:


Blikstaðavegur 2-6

112 Reykjavik

How do I return products?


To return any unwanted items, you will need to obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorisation) number from your local Customer Service. In order to send you the full return instructions and generate an RMA number, we need the original order number(s) and a list of all items being returned per order number. You can find this information in your Order History online.


Please follow the link below to begin the return process for your unopened products you no longer wish to use or resell. Please check our return policy before submitting the form to make sure your order is still eligible for a refund. We can only refund items in resaleable condition once their return is confirmed by our warehouse. Please do not send back any product before you receive confirmation from our Customer Service Representatives.


Click here to fill out our form.

How long does a refund take?


Once we receive a notification about the returned goods arriving to our warehouse, we will process the refund which can take up to 14 business days from the date Nu Skin received the products or evidence to the address of our warehouse was provided about the return. The exact time depends on your bank’s processing times.

I purchased my products through a Brand Affiliate, what are my rights to return them?


The Brand Affiliate must comply with local law on cancellation of sales as outlined on the retail sales receipt. If the law grants additional rights, they agree to grant those rights to you, the retail customer. This means that they must, for any reason and upon request, give a full refund of the purchase price including VAT and shipping fee - if applicable, to the retail customer, without any reimbursement from Nu Skin. The only requirement is that you, the customer, must request a refund within the cancellation period stated on the retail receipt and return the unused portion of product. The Brand Affiliate must make a refund for returned products within 14 days of your request.


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