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What are the main benefits of the ADR programme?


In addition to being able to manage your ADR in your own time over the internet, you can earn product points on your monthly or bi-monthly orders that can be redeemed for free products.

What are the rewards of ADR?


The ADR program rewards include automatic monthly (or bi-monthly) processing of your order on the date of your choice (between day 01 and 25 of each month) and accumulation of ADR points. Only ADR orders with non-exempt products will earn ADR points.


How does one enrol on ADR?


You can enrol online by clicking here.

Are there any requirements to create an ADR account?


No, there are no requirements to create an ADR account. However, your ADR order must have a minimum value of 50 SV to earn product points. If the minimum value is not met, then the ADR simply becomes a regular, reoccurring monthly order without the ADR benefits.

Can I have an ADR order shipped more than once per month?


No, each ADR order may only be shipped once per month. You can, however, have more than one ADR in parallel on the same Nu Skin ID number.

How do I make changes to (manage) my ADR?


You can make changes to your ADR online.The Manage ADR option is located in the drop-down menu under your name in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

By when should I make any changes to my ADR?


We recommend making any changes at least 4 business days before the process date (if Direct Debit payment option is available in your market and you choose this as a payment method, please contact your local Customer Service to receive the correct information on changing your ADR) to ensure that your change takes effect.

Will I be notified when my order ships?


Yes, you will be sent an email 5 days before the order is shipped. You will also be sent an order confirmation email when the order is created, and a tracking email is sent out every time your ADR is shipped. This email contains information that ensures you can track your order until you receive it.

How do I pay for my ADR order?


You may pay for your ADR order with a credit card or any other payment type of your choice, which is available in your market.

What can be managed online?


You can change the products, the shipping frequency, payment type (wire transfer or credit card), addresses, place an override and redeem product points (see section on overrides for more information). As well place a hold on your ADR and skip a shipment to suit your personal needs.                                                                              

What should I do if I start to acquire too many products?


If you notice that you are experiencing a product stockpile, adjust your order to fit your needs. You can change your products or your ship date.

What will happen if a product is out of stock?


If an item is out of stock, then this item will be removed from your ADR and automatically added back as soon as we are back in stock.

Can I redeem my product points immediately after I placed the ADR order?


No, product points are awarded on the first business day of each month for the previous month's purchases. They can only be redeemed after they become visible on your account.

How can product points be redeemed?


They can be redeemed online via the ADR Management tool, or by contacting your local Customer Service. Product points may only be redeemed when the entire price of a product can be redeemed with product points

How can I see how many product points I have available?


You can check online or through the Customer Service. You will also be able to see product points available, being earned, redeemed and product points that are going to expire.

Do I pay taxes and shipping costs when I use product points?


No, in Europe and Russia you do not need to pay taxes on the free products. In addition, you do not need to pay shipping costs if your free products are added to an existing ADR or to another order. If the order contains only free products, shipping charges will apply.

Can I return a product that I purchased with product points?


No, products purchased with product points are non-refundable.

Can I redeem product points online?


Yes, you can redeem them as a one-time order or on your ADR. There is no minimum SV required to use your product points on either order.

Do overrides affect my product points?


No, override orders will not affect your product points. You will still earn product points on your override order as you would from your normal ADR order.

Does a product have to be fully paid for with product points or can I pay a part of it with points and a part with another payment method?


No, you must pay the product fully in product points.

What is an ADR hold?


A hold is when your ADR order does not ship for a specified month.

How do I put a hold on my ADR?



  • Log into your Nu Skin account
  • Click on your name (on the top right of the webpage)
  • Click on Manage ADR
  • Select the ADR you want to Hold
  • Click on Skip a shipment under orders


How many holds do I have per year?


You may put your ADR on hold for up to 3 months/shipments per year.

What will happen if I need to hold my ADR more than 3 times per year?


You will forfeit your ADR membership and will lose the benefits associated with that ADR.

How long is a hold?


A hold will skip 1 delivery. After this, the ADR automatically resumes.

If I hold my ADR, does it hold the other shipments under my account?


No, you have the option to hold all or specify which order to hold.

Can I redeem my product points in other countries?


No, you can only redeem product points in the country where they were earned. Example: if you have a German ADR, you can only redeem your product points in Germany.

If I return a product, will the product points I earned be deducted?


Yes, the amount of product points that product earned will be deducted from your total points.

If I cancel my ADR, do I lose my product points?


Yes, they will be deleted at the end of the month in which your ADR was cancelled.

Are there products that do not earn product points?


Yes, some products do not earn product points, such as Nu Colour accessories, discounted products and packages, and most promotional packages (except ADR packages).

Are there any restrictions to what I can purchase with product points?


Yes, you may only purchase Nu Skin and Pharmanex products. This excludes product collections, discounted products and promotional packages, ADR promotional packages, and other products that are marked as restricted to points. .

Do I earn SV on the products I redeem with product points?


No, there is no SV granted for products redeemed with product points.

When are my product points awarded?


Product points are awarded on the first business day of each month for the previous month's purchases.

What is an override?


An override order is a new ADR order that will take the place of your existing ADR order for the current month. For example, if you normally have a monthly ADR order ship on day 20 of each month, you can go online and place an override order on day 12 with different product(s) with a minimum of 50 SV if you want to get the full ADR benefits), different payment type and a different shipping address and have it replace your order scheduled to ship on day 20. You will receive the same product discount and product points that you would normally, and your monthly shipment will simply be held until the next month.

Does the override order have to be a minimum of 50 SV?


If you want to get the full ADR benefits, yes, the override needs to be a minimum of 50 SV.

What payment types are accepted for online overrides?


Please contact your local Customer Service or see the online checkout page for information on payment types that are available in your market.

Does an override change my order permanently?


No, an override does not permanently change your order.

If I override my order, does that permanently change my ship date?


No, if you override your ADR order, your original ADR order will automatically resume the next month on your specified ship date.

How do I cancel my ADR?


You may cancel your ADR online by selecting Delete ADR on the ADR Management page.

Can I reactivate my ADR once it has been cancelled?


Yes, you may reactivate your ADR once it has been cancelled. But you will not retain the product points. However, if you notify the company within 30 days of deletion and request reinstatement of the deleted product points, then the points will be reinstated. If not, the product points you had previously earned will be deleted and you will start over, earning product points at 20% for monthly ADR orders and 10% for bi-monthly ADR orders.

How can I reactivate a cancelled ADR?


You can reactivate your cancelled ADR by contacting your local Customer Service. If you call within 30 days after cancelling your ADR, your previous point balance will be awarded back to your reactivated ADR account.


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