Under Eye Skin Care Tips

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When you wake up do you feel like you are still waiting for your eyes to join you? Do you try to get the optimal amount of sleep, yet you’re a victim of tired eyes? Do your eyes stay creased even when you’re not squinting? Do you have unwanted puffiness… but you aren’t old?


Under eye concerns are practically ageless. Even younger individuals can show signs of premature aging and start to lose that youthful elasticity look around the eyes. The big “WHY?” is answered with simple physiology. The skin surrounding your eyes is the thinnest, most delicate skin on your body. It lacks the amount of structural proteins that accompanies the skin in other areas because there is just less of it. This thinness also leaves your skin wide open to damage. Damage from sun, pollution, and any other environmental factor that wreaks havoc on skin.


The lack of structure in this area allows fluid to accumulate. This is what can cause puffy eye lids and under eye bags. The environmental damage (and unfortunately for some, just poor genes) leads to dark circles, undereye bags and puffiness, or crepey eyelids. This lack of structure and damage allows for fine lines to settle in earlier than anywhere else.


But we are not at the mercy of our physiology. In this day, we have technology on our side to combat, postpone, and even visibly change the way this most delicate of skin looks resulting in better, younger looking eyes.


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Sun Protection


First and foremost, in all skin related issues is sun damage. Protection is accomplished most commonly with sunscreen agents that can either reflect or absorb the sun’s UV rays. That said, great care should be taken around the eyes, especially with sunscreens, to ensure it doesn’t enter the eye. Even getting it on the eyelids themselves can cause irritation. As mentioned, this skin is THIN and ingredients can actually seep through. Thus, a sunhat and/or sunglasses should be a staple when outside.




Almost as important as sunscreen is hydration. This sensitive skin lacks the quantity of sebaceous glands, commonly known as sweat glands, needed to provide adequate moisture. This means external products are needed more so here than other areas of the body.  A lack of hydration can make fine lines look more prominent. It can also make the skin look crepey. Good skin hydration can keep these at bay, and if they are becoming apparent, can reduce their visibility.


Gentle Cleansing


This area is often covered or complemented with makeup that should be removed daily as part of cleansing. When this is done, it is important to do so with kindness. Again, the thinness also results in this skin being delicate. Avoid scrubbing. Use a makeup remover, but always be gentle1.


For some, a gentle massage, usually in the form of tapping, may help dissipate some of the excess fluid from the under-eye area. There are a lot of different methods available to target this puffiness. But at the heart of it all, the light pressure and movement can displace the extra fluid that has accumulated. Again, gentleness is the key. No scrubbing, pressing or roughness when treating this delicate area.


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Best Ingredients for Under-Eye Care


Antioxidants have shown amazing success in improving skin health, eliminating dark circles under the eye, as well as preventing signs of aging2. The most common types of antioxidants are vitamins E, C, and caffeine. Take a look at these ingredients along with several others that will improve hydration, aging, and protection to the under-eye area.



Treat the under-eye area by using caffeinated green tea bags. Simply steep two bags for 5 minutes and let them chill for 20 minutes in the fridge. Make sure to squeeze out any excess liquid before placing the bags under the eye. Let them sit for up to 30 minutes3.


Vitamin E 

Look for vitamin E in face creams, oils, or capsules. This common vitamin helps minimize inflammation around the eyes.


Vitamin C 

Eating foods high in vitamin C will aid your body's production of collagen and help boosts absorption of hyaluronic acid. This is a component your body uses to keep your skin hydrated4. Some of these fruits and vegetables include:

  • Oranges
  • Red peppers
  • Kale
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Strawberries
  • Broccoli 



Similar in nature to proteins, peptides reduce inflammation and slow down the aging process. You can find peptides in eggs, milk, fish, soy, and oats5.



This form of vitamin B can diminish the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Niacinamide is most commonly found in meat, fish, green vegetables, and beans6.



Meant for individuals with naturally dry skin, squalane can improve hydration in the skin and fight skin damage. This hydrogenated oil is also beneficial to hair as it can increase shine and prevent breakage. Look for this ingredient in anti-aging creams and oils7.



Glycerin can be found in moisturizers and soaps. It is a humectant, which means it can pull water to the top layer of the skin keeping it hydrated8.



Ceramides act as a seal and connecting link among our skin cells. Ensuring that your skin cells have enough ceramides will improve hydration in the skin. You can find this ingredient in soybeans, dairy, and brown rice9.


ageloc lumispa accent with idealseyes activating eye cream with sliced oranges

One of Nu Skin’s top anti-aging products specifically targeted to caring for the under-eye area is ageLOC® LumiSpa® Accent. This device works with a topical solution to provide a myriad of benefits not found elsewhere. The device provides gentle movement, similar to a massage, in combination with the use of this ingredient-packed topical that is specific to the delicate skin around the eyes. It can also be used above the eye to target crepiness and sagging appearance of the eyelids.


Overall, the key is to keep your skin hydrated and protected while strengthening the skin. However you plan to accomplish this, drinking more water, eating more oranges, or seeking out a quality anti-aging product, you will love the supple, smooth look around your eyes.