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Exfoliation can smooth and soften the skin by removing dead skin cells in the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the epidermis. Also known as desquamation, the removal of this “horny layer” can improve the skin’s appearance. Rough skin texture—resulting from aging, sun exposure, compromised moisture barrier, etc.—reflects light unevenly, making skin appear dull and sallow. Accelerating cell turnover through exfoliation smooths skin, allowing it to reflect light uniformly for a healthy looking glow and brightness.

Structure of the Epidermis

Smoothing the skin with abrasive or granular particles is a type of physical exfoliation, which has been used for thousands of years to reveal brighter, fresher looking skin. Walnut shell powder is a popular abrasive used for physical exfoliation. The walnut husks are ground into a fine, semi-smooth powder that does not have jagged edges. This ingredient is a great exfoliator for most individuals; although individuals with very dark skin, which is more susceptible to discoloration due to skin damage, should opt for a gentler abrasive particle for exfoliating facial skin.


Marine diatoms are small, smooth particles derived from marine phytoplankton that can exfoliate skin. Diatoms are extremely fine and give under pressure. These particles are better suited for individuals seeking a gentler exfoliation and for those with dark skin tones.



While exfoliating can improve facial glow, if the skin is over exfoliated the glow is lost. If skin reaches this point, it is best to let it recoup for a couple of weeks and then resume a less vigorous regimen. Most find that using exfoliating particles twice a week is sufficient. Care should be taken to balance chemical (through the use of hydroxy acids, etc.) and physical exfoliation.  

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Nu Skin Recommends

Nu Skin’s portfolio contains two facial scrubs and a body scrub for individuals looking to physically exfoliate their skin.

  • Facial Scrub uses finely granulated walnut husks to hasten the exfoliation of useless dead cells to remove surface impurities from facial skin and produce a skin polishing effect.
exfoliant scrub
  • Exfoliant Scrub contains natural exfoliating diatoms that are derived from marine phytoplankton to gently, thoroughly and evenly exfoliate facial skin.
  • Liquid Body Lufra for the body incorporates finely ground walnut husks to provide essential exfoliation by gently working away surface impurities.

Of note, Nu Skin products do not (and never did) contain microbead particles that can’t be filtered by sewage departments and are impacting the marine ecosystems.

Posted by K.C. Holley