Give Your Nails a Break

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Nail enthusiasts all want the same thing: vibrant nail colors sans chipping. There’s something extremely satisfying about leaving a nail salon with a set of perfectly colored nails that you know will not chip. You feel more confident—done up, even.


Unfortunately, nail enthusiasts have also suffered the consequences of regular manicures. While getting frequent manicures can add a fun aesthetic element to your style, they can also be quite damaging to your natural nail.


Getting a manicure involves a lot of chemicals—none of which are gentle or loving to your nails. For example, gel nail lovers need to soak their fingers in acetone to remove their gels. Acetone is a strong solvent that is extremely drying to nails. This kind of heavy chemical exposure eventually wears on your nails—even nail polish can do damage if left on too long or applied without a clear basecoat. It’s the exact opposite of nail TLC.


Repeated exposure to these harsh chemicals can lead to a post-mani nightmare: over processed nails. It’s no mystery when your nails have reached this point—they look exhausted and abused. They look jagged, pale, or yellow—like they’ve gone through serious chemical manipulation (because they have). They feel thin and uncomfortably flexible—they bend, peel, break, or split with even the slightest pressure. At the first sign of these symptoms, it’s time to give your nails a break! Giving your nails a rest from the salon does a lot to prevent them from reaching the point of no return.


Whether your mani break is for prevention or recovery, we’ve got the perfect product to up your nail game: the Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System. This easy, three-step system instantly brings out the best in your natural nail. Just after one use, your nails are left looking healthier, stronger, and smoother. The Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System is made with potent natural ingredients like apricot kernel oil and coconut oil—these ingredients hydrate and rejuvenate nails, helping them heal and strengthen over time. With Dr. Dana your nails will look their best, with or without a trip to the salon.