Enhancing Your Skin Care Experience with ageLOC Me

Did you know ageLOC Me's unique approach to formulation allows for a better product combination and an enhanced experience?


Everyone is excited about ageLOC Me, Nu Skin’s latest skin care innovation. This first-of-its-kind, customized skin care system features five powerful, cutting-edge products and one smart delivery device. The beauty of ageLOC Me is that it is customized for you, by you. The three ageLOC Me serums target your specific aging concerns and contain powerful ingredients that couldn’t be effectively formulated into a single product. Instead, they are combined at the moment of use for maximum anti-aging benefits.


Addressing Common Stumbling Blocks in Product Formulations

It’s often difficult for scientists to combine highly effective anti-aging ingredients at levels substantial enough to deliver the desired product benefits. For example, L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), glycolic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid), and Epilobium Angustifolium (willow herb) extract are classic anti-aging ingredients. All of these ingredients come with their unique chemical requirements for the formulation base to deliver their desired result 1,2. Willow herb requires specific thickeners and base viscosity, while glycolic acid’s base needs to be formulated to avoid sun sensitivity 2. Vitamin C also requires a specific viscosity for its base as well as a limited pH range 1. Glycolic acid and Vitamin C require specific concentration ranges to be efficacious. The challenge is combining these ingredients in a way that meets their formulation requirements and still delivers optimal skin care benefits. Combining them into a single formula would be incredibly difficult and could compromise the aesthetics and efficacy of the end product.


Our solution to this product formulation problem was to create three separately packaged formulas. With ageLOC Me, we have created one serum that targets lines, wrinkles, and skin elasticity; a second that targets texture and the appearance of pores; and a third that addresses hyperpigmentation and skin tone. These serums are stored separately and are combined right at the moment of use. The result is a better, more potent, and more effective product that addresses your specific skin care needs.


Unique Microlayering Technology for Even Product Delivery

As we developed the ageLOC Me device and considered ways to combine the serums, we were concerned that doing so inadequately could result in hot spots or missed areas on the skin. To combat this, we developed a unique system within the device that weaves the customized serums into 40 layers. This method—our proprietary microlayering technology—divides the three serums and blends them together multiple times to ensure that all three serums are evenly dispersed throughout each ageLOC Me dose. This way, each time you apply your ageLOC Me serum, you can be sure it’s evenly distributed onto your skin.


Additionally, we commissioned a third party research organization to measure the differences in absorption of a key ingredient when the serums were combined using the ageLOC Me device versus without the device. Amazingly, the study showed that the ageLOC Me device combination yielded three times better absorption than hand mixed combinations of the same serums.


This microlayering technology within the ageLOC Me Device is truly breakthrough. To protect this intellectual property, we have filed several patents that cover our mechanisms for delivering customized skin care. These patents will ensure that no one else can copy or make the same claims—they belong exclusively to us. We’ve dedicated four years to the research and development of ageLOC Me and have conducted extensive testing on the products and device. The result? We have created one of the most ambitious product systems in Nu Skin history. We’re excited to bring you ageLOC Me!



Written by:

K.C. Holley

Technical Communication & Education Manager

Personal Care




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