Beautiful Without Makeup: 8 Tips to Help You Achieve Naturally Glowing Skin

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Makeup is a great way to highlight your best features, but wearing it does not mean that you should neglect properly caring for your skin. Your skin is not only your first line of defense against the outside world, but it is also the first area that the effects of aging begin to show. In fact, the best way to allow cosmetics to enhance your natural beauty is to give your facial features the best chance to shine on their own—starting with the right skin care routine.


Each part of your face is unique and should be treated as such. The best way to achieve a natural glow is to take it feature by feature. This infographic focuses on each unique feature of your face, along with the best ways to nourish and care for each area, helping you make the most of your natural beauty.


Nu Skin's infographic with eight tips on how to be beautiful without makeup



Forehead Care

Foreheads are particularly prone to wrinkles because we often show emotion through repeated facial movements in this area. To help combat this, smile! Frowning and furrowed brows creates creases that can lead to wrinkles over time. Regularly applying a targeted moisturizer1 can also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


Eyebrow Care

Put down those tweezers to prevent thinning eyebrows. To help them look thicker and fuller, use some replenishing oil. Use a q-tip to apply a small amount of lavender oil to the brows daily, morning and night.


Eye Care

Because the skin around the eyes are 6-10 times thinner than other parts of your face, it’s important to be gentle when cleansing and applying products. Consider using a separate facial product, eye creams with sunscreen and daily massage around the eyes to reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and frown lines.


Cheek Care

A natural flush to the cheeks may be obtained by releasing toxins daily through drinking at least 64 oz of water per day and exercising regularly. A combination of an exfoliant, toner, and protective moisturizer can help keep your skin glowing.


Nose Care

Enlarged pores can be caused by sun exposure, aging, and excessive oil production. These pores can be treated by exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing.


Lip Care

Dry or chapped lips can be a problem year-round, especially if you live in a dry climate. You can protect your lips daily with sunscreen or moisturizing lip balm, but one of the best solutions is to make sure that you keep your body hydrated.


Chin Care

Whatever your age, it is common to experience chronic and hormonal acne around the chin. Avoid smoking and fatty foods to help diminish blemishes. The chin area can also show early signs of aging, and using a skin-firming treatment can help firm this area up.


Neck Care

To avoid the dreaded “tech neck,” moisturize with a delicate moisturizer and exfoliate daily. You can make natural exfoliators using sugar or baking soda, for example.


Skin Care Customization

Because skin types vary from person to person, as well as environmental and climate conditions, it is vital to implement the right skin care products and routines that can help give your skin its healthy, natural glow. Strive to have a skin care routine that’s customized for your individual needs and beneficial to your unique skin type.


One great option is our ageLOC Me system, a customized skin care solution with targeted serums and day and night moisturizers This smart delivery advice helps you develop a personalized skin care regimen, based on you, your skin concerns and preferences.