Train Like A Pro

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Being a professional soccer player isn’t easy. Core strength, endurance, balance and agility are all required to stand out in the game that has the average player running up to 9.5 miles per 90 minute match. Just because you aren’t a World Cup soccer player, doesn’t mean you can’t train like one – whether it’s to improve your soccer game or simply get in shape.

Here are a few exercises to help you train like a pro.


Core: Soccer ball V -Up


This exercise strengthens core muscles, which help with balance and stability as you chase after the ball. Lie down on a flat surface or mat and place one foot on top of the other touching heel and toe. Hold a soccer ball with your arms vertically overhead keeping your arms mostly extended.

Have your body make a “V” shape position by lifting your legs and upper body at the same time. Touch the ball with your feet. As your core strength increases over time, you can work up from a soccer ball to a medicine ball to increase the weight.


Endurance: 100-meter sprint and recovery


Use this exercise to help build up your endurance to run longer without getting as tired. Start by sprinting 100m, the average length of a soccer field, at 80 percent of your top speed then jog back to the starting position. Repeat this five times.


Balance: Alphabet drill


Alphabet drills help improve your balance, strengthen glutes and improve flexibility and movement of your ankle. Start off by balancing on your left leg and extend your right leg in front. Using your right leg draw the alphabet while maintaining posture and balance the whole time. Repeat this using the left leg.


Agility: Get-ups


When soccer players fall, the speed at which they get up and go can make a big difference. Get-ups help train total-body coordination so you can spring up quickly and get back in the game. Lie on the floor count to 5. Get up a quickly as possible followed by sprinting five meters. Do three sets of eight, alternating positions each time (back, side front, etc.).