Don't Let Your Cellphone Get You Down


If you’re having trouble getting into shape, the problem could be right in the palm of your hand. In a study by Kent State University, high cellphone usage was linked to low cardiorespiratory fitness. The study showed that students who spent large amounts of time on their cellphone were least fit. Conversely, students who spent the least amount of time on their cellphone were the most fit. Cellphones, all though mobile, contributed to a sedentary lifestyle. To help manage the time you spend on your cellphone and maintain your healthy lifestyle, here are some do’s and don’t’s for your cellphone while working out.



  • (If possible) Don’t carry your phone with you while exercising. You may be distracted to check emails or results from your latest game.
  • Don’t sit around playing games on your phone. Instead use that time to be physically active.
  • Don’t talk or text while working out. All though it is an easy way to pass the time, you’re taking your focus away from the intensity of your work out. You will burn fewer calories.



  • If you must exercise with your cellphone, Do place your phone on “airplane mode” to minimize distractions. This is useful if you are using your phone for music.
  • Do download other fitness apps that help to track calories, miles ran, minutes exercised, or heart rate.


Photo by Mikoto