Greater China Wins Second World Record in Two Years


The Greater China Region, winners of the Guinness World Record longest DNA strand in 2012, set out to break another record, this time for the most mouse trap dominos toppled.


Exactly 1,212 mousetraps were set up in a circle in domino fashion around a giant Nu Skin logo during a special Greater China staff meeting earlier this year with the goal to win the Guinness World Record for the most mouse trap dominoes toppled.


“Just as Nu Skin continues to break records, we wanted to let our staff have the experience of breaking a Guinness world record at the event,” said Hanson Lee, Greater China director of organizational development and incentives.


Setting up the mousetraps in domino fashion took a total of two hours. After being triggered, it took less than 20 seconds to complete. Click here to see the mousetraps in action.


A Guinness World Record judge was present at the event to make sure the mouse trap domino line was complete and approved.


The Greater China team went through several failed attempts before actually achieving the record. Failed attempts came from accidentally triggered mouse traps, creating a premature domino effect.

The previous record for the most mousetrap dominoes toppled was completed in 2010 by a company in Taiwan with 865 mousetraps.


Check out more about the Greater China staff meeting with this video recap:


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