Clean Water for Residents of Kwale Island


Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation provided funding to the Seacology project which funded a water cistern to store rainwater for use during the dry season by the local population of Kwale Island, Tanzania. The construction of the 158,503 gallon cistern is nearly complete with only the installation of the water pump and water-proof sealing of the inner walls remaining. The cistern will provide drinking water for 2,500 residents, including children, who do not have access to clean water as there are no freshwater sources on the island, which is located within the Mkuranga District, Pwani Region.


In exchange for the cistern, as well as funding for conservation-related activities such as demarcation of the protected area and mangrove replanting activities, the community agreed to protect 741 acres of mangrove forest for a minimum duration of 10 years. This protected area is vital to the island’s sustainability because it is surrounded by marine waters that are a renowned as an ecological hotspot, playing host to various turtle species, whale sharks, migratory humpback whales and the only resident population of dugong (Dugong dugon) along the East African Coast.


The construction process also included assistance by officers from the government forest office with the active participation of the Village Environment Committee and community members. Community members also rehabilitated degraded areas of the mangrove forest. A total of 4,000 mangrove seedlings were planted, and an additional 15,000 will be planted soon. ■