A Second Chance at Life


Unconditional love extended beyond biological ties in the case of 4-year-old Roumin. Discarded by her birth parents for being a sickly baby, Roumin was adopted by the Lin family in the Fujian Province. Her new parents committed to get her medical treatment despite the costly expense. And although the Lin’s household income derived solely from fisherman’s wages, the family believed the illness was temporary and took what savings they had to travel to Shanghai to get treatment for the 1-year-old girl.


It was at that time Roumin was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect that explained her frequent breathing problems, prolonged crying, irritability and other symptoms of a heart valve obstruction. The Lin family raised money for the required surgery but it was not enough to pay the full amount. Nu Skin Greater China Children’s Heart Fund (GCCHF) was moved by the Lins’ story and made up the financial difference for Roumin to have the operation that ultimately saved her life.


Today, Roumin’s adoptive father says she has fully recovered and is living a happy life. She is among more than 1,100 children to receive surgeries needed to improve their lives thanks to those who have contributed to GCCHF since it began in 2008. ■