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G3™是一種營養豐富的果汁,來自南亞一種備受讚譽的"超級水果"木鱉果。在木鱉果多種強力的草本營養成分中,有一種稱為"脂胡蘿蔔素?"的獨特且有高生物利用度的類胡蘿蔔素。G3?的配方還包括另外三種超級水果:中國枸杞、西伯利亞鳳梨( 沙棘果)和刺梨。G3?的味道清新爽口,甘甜中帶有微酸,適合全家人天天服用。 更多

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g3 含有的獨特植物營養素組合成分是來自精心挑選的"超級水果",世界各地的人們傳統上因其所具有的恢復特性而廣泛使用,其好處已經得到科學研究的驗證。 中國枸杞、西伯利亞菠蘿和刺梨果實與 Gac 共同作用,透過在身體內強有力的血管和細胞保護和回春作用,提供加倍的效益。 _The same great G3 you have come to love will now be packaged in a green glass bottle! Everything else about the packaging remains the same, including its size and quality…but it will now be delivered in a glass bottle that is green colored like the Pharmanex logo. This change is a result of bottle supply challenges that have made the traditional clear glass bottle temporarily unavailable. We are planning to return to the standard bottle as soon as the opportunity permits.__ Due to the dark green color of the glass, the lot number and expiration date will be printed on the bottom of the bottle in orange ink instead of black ink for better visibility against the darker bottle._ \* 請注意, 2瓶裝或4瓶裝的運費計算是: $3.00 +正規運費和手續費

  • 使用前先搖勻。 每天早晚餐各飲一到三 (1–3) 盎司 (30–90 mL)。 為了達到最佳效果,請與如沛 (LifePak®) 一起服用。 打開後請冷藏。 搖勻以確保 lipocarotenes® 適當的混合。 存放在陰涼乾燥處。