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在二十世紀,人類平均壽命提高了 30 年。 與此同時,伴隨正常衰老的健康問題也不斷增加。

Why You'll Love It

The all-in-one, advanced nutritional formula your body needs

  • Targets nutritional needs at the cellular level with efficacious amounts of nutrients essential for vigor and vitality.*
  • Supports your antioxidant defense network.*
  • Features several vitamin and mineral forms chosen for enhanced absorption and utilization.

既然我們現在'活得更長壽,我們的生活品質是否更好? 現在開始關心自己的健康,在餘下的 30 年裡活得實實在在。 有 1,000 多項臨床研究表明如沛成分的諸多益處。 近期的研究有力地表明,衰老的一個重要因素是細胞氧化和 DNA 自由基損傷。 如沛在臨床上證明能夠防止身體的細胞氧化和自由基損傷。 如沛青春配方讓您延年益壽!\*

      • Two packets daily. Take the contents of one (1) LifePak® packet with eight (8) ounces of liquid with your morning and evening meals.
      • Yes! LifePak is Level-II SCS-Certified, so it will raise your scanner score if you take it as directed for two months.
      • SCS certification means that our scientists are confident that this product will raise your skin carotenoid score, or SCS, as measured by our Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner. Carotenoids are a class of important antioxidants and can come from a variety of sources, including fruits, vegetables, and your supplements. If a product is SCS-certified, then you can expect that using it will increase your scanner score over time.
      • If a product has a higher SCS-certification level, it means you can expect it to increase your scanner score more than a product with a lower certification level. This is based on the quantity and bioavailability of carotenoids in each product. In other words, you should expect to experience larger scanner score increases if you take a level-II SCS-certified product compared to a level-I SCS-certified product.
      • LifePak Elements is primarily formulated to help set a healthy foundation for you to build upon, while LifePak is a vitamin and mineral supplement formulated to help provide advanced nutrient levels. LifePak provides additional phytonutrients from grape seed extract, olive leaf extract, alpha lipoic acid, quercetin, and resveratrol, and is a more comprehensive formula, including higher concentrations of important key nutrients and a higher SCS certification level. Another difference is that LifePak Elements is a powder that you mix into water, while LifePak is delivered in capsules.
      • LifePak supplies the body with essential micronutrients, phytonutrients, and carotenoids for optimal nutrition. If you want additional nutrient support, you may want to add more individual supplements depending on what specific benefits you desire. Take MarineOmega for instance. MarineOmega supplies the body with the macronutrients EPA and DHA. In addition to providing a comprehensive nutritional foundation, MarineOmega works synergistically with LifePak by enhancing nutrient bioavailability and absorption for maximum health benefits.*
      • When our scientists evaluated dosing recommendations, one of the key areas of focus was absorption—specifically, how to enhance it. Because the human body can only absorb so much of each nutrient at a given time, their recommendation is to take one packet twice daily with your morning and evening meals. Our scientists also considered the rate at which nutrients are metabolized, or used up, and need to be replenished. Many of the nutrients in LifePak, including certain vitamins and phytonutrients, pass through the body rather quickly. Taking LifePak twice a day allows the body to maintain more consistent levels of these nutrients in the bloodstream, giving your body 24-hour antioxidant protection.
      • LifePak provides recommended amounts of folate, vitamin A, and other important nutrients, like choline, which are beneficial for pregnant and lactating women. The main nutrient missing from LifePak for this group is iron, which can be supplemented separately with Pharmanex Iron. Omega-3 fatty acids are also important for pregnant women, and can be supplemented with MarineOmega or Optimum Omega. It is incredibly important for you as a pregnant or lactating mother to get adequate nutrition, both for your own health and wellness as well as your baby’s. As such, please work closely with your doctor to determine what the best solution is for your specific situation.
      • There are hundreds of different antioxidants that can help fight free radicals and reactive oxygen species. Researchers have found that the body utilizes a broad range of antioxidants that work together to provide the body with optimal free radical protection. Moreover, because of this antioxidant network, humans have a need to supplement a broad range of antioxidants into the diet, such as the diverse blend of antioxidants found in LifePak.*
      • CONTAINS: seafood (cod, pollock, haddock, hake, cusk, redfish, sole, and flounder)