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Ultimate Waterfull Mask

Sku: 01125179

Nu Skin Ultimate Waterfull Mask combines the power of rich humectants with water binding moisture to the skin – for the ultimate skin care facial treatment to enhance your skin condition.

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    Cleanse and tone your skin prior to applying the Ultimate Mask.
    Open the pouch and place the mask on your face, aligning the holes of the mask avoiding the eye area. Double fold the eye area downwards for enhancement of effect around eye area.
    Relax and leave the mask on your face for 10 to 20 minutes, to really experience the full effects. Tap remaining liquid on your face to be absorbed into skin.

Key ingredients

Hydrating Blend (Glycerin, Urea, and Hyaluronic Acids)

Helps bind water and hold it to the surface of the skin.

Skin Conditioning Blend (Arginine, Allantoin, and Flower Extracts)

Supports the skin to feel soft and supple.


Gives skin a more energized appearance.