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For clean, safe & healthy homes.


Your home is a haven where you relax, unwind and seek refuge from the daily stress and external toxins. But even in this safe comfort, did you know the air you breathe, the water your drink, the home products you use still poses hidden dangers to your body? This spurred us into action — to become your trusted partner which ensures clean, safe environments for you and your family to begin the journey and lifestyle dream of a healthier home living.


With more than 20 years of demonstrated excellence in Southeast Asia, our foray into your homes begins with Nu Skin's first-ever water purifier and exclusively for our region only. Seize the opportunity now to protect you and your family's health with clean, safe water that is free from everyday toxin, contaminants and pathogens. Drink healthy and start enjoying everyday family moments with a peace of mind. 







"Expanding from our existing product portfolio of personal beauty devices, EcoSphere Water Purifier is Nu Skin’s venture into home living devices centric on creating clean, safe, healthy homes for you and your family."


- Dr Joe Chang, Chief Scientific Officer & Executive Vice President Of Product Development








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