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drink healthy.

Introducing ECOSPHERE WATER PURIFIER, designed for health enthusiasts who deeply care about creating a clean, safe home for their family's wellness. Developed with our hallmark of innovative technology and superior quality materials, equip yourself with the healthy water opportunity to protect you and your family’s health with 
clean, safe waterDo you know even if a glass of water looks clean to your naked eye, it can still contain harmful impurities that threatens your health?
that is free from everyday toxins, contaminants and pathogens. Just as you are, we want our parents to age gracefully and children to grow up happily all in the pink of health!

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Key Product Numbers


4 stage
filtration process



bacteria reduction1



water capacity
per 3in1 cartridge



3 min
easy installation





You will rethink what you know.

If you think tap water is definitely safe to drink after boiling, think again! The fact is, though boiling can eliminate microbiological contaminants such as bacteria and viruses, other dangerous contaminants may still remain. What's even worse — boiling actually increases the chemical toxicity of these stubborn contaminants by evaporating away pure water!


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Heavy metals

Lead • arsenic 

Synthetic chemicals



Fuel • Sediment 
Sewage • Rust

But fret not. EcoSphere Water Purifier is here to change the game. It eliminates and purifies away all these dangers in your tap water to ensure clean, safe drinking water to protect you and your family's well-being. A healthier home awaits you!




More than meets the eye.

Seamless Installation

Photo of seamless installation to your table top and sink

Seamless installation to your kitchen table top and sink design with no extra modifications needed!


Clean Tube Design

Photo of clean minimalistic tube

Clean and minimalist tubing design built with superior quality materials that fits your existing kitchen.


Sleek Size

Photo of the sleek base size compared to the size of an A5 paper

Sleek, space-saving device that sits on a compact area even smaller than the size of an A5 paper!


Premium Diverter

Photo of the premium diverter installed to the faucet

Premium electronic faucet diverter that is easy to understand and powered with LED indicators!








4 breakthroughs in 1 innovation.

With breakthrough innovations, EcoSphere Water Purifier is powered by an intelligent 4-stage ultra purification technology that eliminates up to 99.9999%1 of bacteria and filters out harmful impurities from your tap water.

Ultraviolet icon

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Icon of Stage 1 Prefiltration


Removes large particulates
such as dust, sediment



Cartridge cross section showing prefiltration stage


Icon of Stage 3 Compressed Activated Carbon Block


Removes organic contaminants,
chemicals, chlorine, lead



Cartridge cross section showing compressed activated carbon block stage


Icon of Stage 3 PES Membrane


Removes microbiological
contaminants and impurities
such as bacteria, viruses


Cartridge cross section showing PES Membrane stage


Icon of Stage 4 Ultraviolet



Effectively eliminates and kills
bacteria, viruses and cysts



Cartridge cross section showing ultraviolet stage








Style that packs a punch.

Water Capacity
• 5200L of water
• Use up to one year3

Infographic of how many water bottles each 3in1 filter cartridge can purify

Each 3in1 cartridge purifies up to 5200L of water, letting you enjoy 10,400 bottles (500ml) of clean, safe water!


Lifespan of UV Lamp
• Built into device
• No replacement

Infographic of how every EcoSphere UV lamp runs effectively without any periodic replacement

UV lamp is built into the device and designed to run effectively without requiring any periodic replacement.








"Our i4 UltraPure Technology is representative of our commitment to superior water purification. It consists of an intelligent 4-stage ultra purification technology that supports overall wellness and helps you avoid health risks by effectively eliminating 99.9999-percent1 of bacteria."


- Dr Mark Bartlett, Vice President of Global Research and Development for Pharmanex









Easier done than said.

Easy installation in 3 min
Twist and click, press and turn!

Photo of easy installation
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Easy maintenance in 3 steps
Order, unbox and replace yourself!

GIF of easy maintenance in 3 steps: order, unbox and replace
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Easy access in 3 steps
Turn, touch and drink!

Photo of premium diverter connected to tap with flowing water
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You are just a click away from drinking healthy!


With well-thought design, innovative technology, efficient performance and easy convenience, ECOSPHERE WATER PURIFIER is a 'real winner' amongst home water filtration devices. Purifying away the dangers of water contamination, you can now ensure the cleanliness and safety of drinking water for you and your family with a peace of mind.


Tap into the power of the EcoSphere Water Purifier. Drink healthy with clean, safe water!




Notes & Disclaimers:

1. Based on bacterial reduction results from in-house study and the test from an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited independent laboratory 

2. Source: Water on Tap: What You Need to Know. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2009

3. Varies from user to user depending on usage and water quality

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