Charity Partners

Feed the Children

Although NTC partners with a number of effective charities around the world, our primary global partner is Feed The Children. Feed The Children is a Christian, international, nonprofit relief organization with headquarters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, that delivers food, medicine, clothing and other necessities to individuals, children and families who lack these essentials due to famine, war, poverty or natural disasters. During its 29-year history, Feed The Children has created and developed one of the world's largest private organizations dedicated to feeding hungry people. Feed The Children is consistently ranked as one of the 10 largest international charities in the U.S., based on private, non-government support. In FY 2007, Feed The Children distributed more than 135 million pounds of food and other essentials to children and their families in all 50 states and internationally, supplementing almost 800,000 meals each day. Since its founding, the organization has reached out to help those in need in 118 countries around the globe.

Since 2002, Nu Skin Enterprises' Nourish the Children initiative has used Feed The Children to deliver donated bags of its VitaMeal product to areas of the world where there is need. Feed The Children is very efficient in their operations with 83 percent of all Feed The Children's expenditures going to program services, 13 percent to fundraising costs, and only 4 percent to administrative costs in fiscal year 2007. This makes it possible for Feed The Children to distribute millions of VitaMeal meals at no charge to Nourish the Children. Feed The Children currently meets all of the Better Business Bureau's Standards for Charitable Solicitations (

Feed The Children is particularly suited to support Nourish the Children because it is one of the few charities that deal mostly with gifts-in-kind or non-cash donations. The charity is able to leverage its cash donations to distribute a large amount of donated goods and supplies around the world, including VitaMeal. We have enjoyed our relationship with Feed The Children which makes it possible for Nourish the Children to distribute thousands of VitaMeal bags to our projects in distant corners of the world without charge.