Become an Ambassador


A Nourish the Children Ambassador is a person who has not only donated through Nourish the Children to nourish starving children but has adopted Nourish the Children as a personal cause. They have made a commitment to donate at least four bags of Vitameal each month personally and have inspired others on their first level (personal, personal customers, and first level distributors) to donate an additional 12 bags each month. (Donations are made on the Automatic Delivery Program). After two months of the donations of 16 bags, the distributor becomes an Ambassador.


Ambassadors receive a special Nourish the Children Ambassador pin and certificate. The certificate is to be displayed and the pin worn with humility and pride for the countless numbers of children fed through these life saving donations.


Each year that an Ambassador completes the Nourish the Children Ambassador requirements, a new certificate is sent to signify the number of years they have been a Nourish the Children Ambassador (1 Year, 2 Year, 3 Year Ambassador, etc). As well, an additional bag of Vitameal will be sent in the Ambassador’s name to feed more hungry children throughout the world.


When one becomes a 5 Year Ambassador they receive the “Woman and Child” statue. This is a beautiful wooden, African hand-carved statue of a woman reaching down to pick up a child. It is a representation of the thousands of children our Ambassadors reach out to feed each day.


Chief Ambassador

A Chief Ambassador is an Ambassador who has inspired three others in the first level of their organization to also become Ambassadors in the same month. These are individuals who are truly committed to nourishing children as demonstrated by their efforts to motivate others to participate.


The Chief Ambassador receives a special Chief Ambassador pin and certificate. The certificate is to be proudly displayed and the pin worn to signify nearly 2,000 nourishing and life-saving meals donated every month and nearly 24,000 meals donated annually by the Ambassador and their three first-level Ambassadors.


On their one-year anniversary as a Chief Ambassador they will receive a hand-carved, African walking stick. This walking stick was traditionally reserved for the village chief. The African walking stick is a symbol of the chief. It is a symbol of his great power, influence, and love for his people. He is the one to whom his people can turn; he will help them find health, safety, and a better future. The Chief Stick is awarded to Chief Ambassadors of Nourish the Children to recognize their unselfish commitment to feeding children throughout the world.


When one becomes a 5 Year Chief Ambassador they will receive a beautiful 16” x 16” reproduction of the Nourish the Children painting that represents the nearly 120,000 meals donated and the many smiling faces that these meals have brought to hungry children all over the world. It is the same painting that hangs in the corporate offices in Provo, Utah and is signed by the artist.


Thank you for doing your part to bless the lives of so many needy children around the world with healthy and nutrient-enriched meals. You are the Difference. Demonstrated.