All the beauty essentials you need for Hawaii

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All the beauty essentials you need for Hawaii


“We are getting so excited for our October 2019 Success Trip to Hawaii*. We love celebrating your success and rewarding you for all your hard work. What better way to enjoy what you do and be regarded than travelling to incredible destinations and connecting with inspiring people."


Our Hawaii Success Trip is nearly here and now is the time to start thinking about all the essentials you need to pack. This is a difficult task as you must try and fit all your must have items into one small bag that is within the flights weight restrictions. We all struggle and end up travelling with oversized carry-on bags that take two flight attendants to lift into the overhead compartment and suitcases so full that our children must sit on it before we close it. 


While it’s great to pack light you still need all your skin care and health essentials to keep you looking and feeling your best. Ditch one pair of shoes and make sure your bag is packed with amazing products to help you look after your skin and health. 


To help you make the most of your travel experience, we have put together a list of must have beauty essentials that should be on your travel checklist. 


During the flight:



AP 24 Toothpaste:

When you’re on a long flight you want to keep your mouth feeling fresh and clean. The vanilla mint flavour of our AP 24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste will provide you with a just-brushed feeling that lasts all day. 


NaPCA Moisture Mist

This product should be sprayed generously on face, hair and body whenever you need a refreshing moisture boost. This will help keep your skin refreshed and hydrated while travelling. 



LifePak is a great supplement to take when you travel as it is formulated to support wellness, protect cells, and support your immune system. LifePak will help increase your energy levels and reduce debilitating conditions associated with nutritional deficiencies.


G3 pouches:

During the flight our G3 pouches will provide you with the nutritional boost you need. These pouches are recommended for use when you need to increase your servings of fruit and vegetables, helping improve cellular rejuvenation and immune support!



When in Hawaii:



Sunright Sunscreen:

When in Hawaii you will be soaking up the sun and relaxing by the beach. It is important that your skin is protected against UVA and UVB radiation every day. Make sure you add our Sunright Sunscreen to your travel checklist.  


Epoch Hand Sanitizer

On-the-go protection for your hands. Keep an Epoch Hand Sanitizer in your handbag, carry-on bag and suitcase for those times you can’t get to a sink. This is perfect for travelling, killing 99.99% of the most common germs and bacteria. 


Body Smoother: When travelling it is important to keep your skin moisturised. Use Nu Skin Body Smoother every night for moisturised, soft and glowing skin throughout your whole trip.  


Renu Hair Mask

Your hair works hard for you and exposure to different weather conditions can wreak havoc on its condition. Its time to return the favour, with Nu Skin Renu Hair Mask your hair will be left smooth, shiny and manageable for up to seven days.


Face Moisturiser

It is important to moisturise your skin every morning and night, even when you’re travelling. Choose one of our Nu Skin moisturisers that suits your skin type and make sure to pack this in your luggage.



Travelling home

Travelling overseas and being rewarded for your success is so much fun, however all trips do come to an end and we are all often left with the travel bug. After a long flight home if you’re feeling flat, sluggish and out of tune we recommend taking R2 morning and night to help you recharge and start each day feeling refreshed and renewed

We are so excited!! Start packing your beauty essentials and we will see you in Hawaii.


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*Success Trip Terms and Conditions apply. Please refer to the full 2019 Pacific Success Trip Terms and Conditions located in the Office section or contact your Nu Skin Account Manager.)