Pacific Success Trip 2019 Hawaii

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3rd - 7th October 2019




With picture perfect beaches, vibrant dining scenes and stunning natural beauty, Hawaii is the perfect holiday destination. Soon you’ll be sipping fresh tropical drinks, lounging in the Hawaiian sun, visiting historical sites, swimming in the warm beaches and much much more! Your adventures in Hawaii will be nothing short of incredible. With such geographical diversity, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of both exciting and relaxing activities. By the end of the trip you will have lasting memories of all the amazing activities you have experienced, but you will still feel relaxed. You may even find yourself saying “aloha” without a second thought. Hawaii is like no place on earth! Discover Hawaii with us in 2019, to discover the best you.




Top rated golf courses

With championship course design and breathtaking scenery, Hawaii is an amazing destination that attracts golfers from all over the world. No matter which course you choose, spectacular scenery awaits. Take advantage of the stunning views but make sure you don’t get too distracted as you may miss a hole or two.


Gigantic volcanoes

Millions of years ago Hawaii emerged from the seas as a result of the power of volcanoes. A lot of the landscapes that still stand today are a result of volcanic activity. Come on this adventure with us and experience some of nature’s most awe-inspiring wonders. This is your chance to immerse yourself in the power of this living volcanic landscape, its misty rainforests, thermal ponds, waterfall and sometimes even lava flows.


Heavenly beaches

There is no denying that the beaches in Hawaii are remarkable. Hawaii has every type of beach from white, black, green and red sand to romantic bays and beach parks for the family. Whether you’re looking for gleaming white sand, turquoise waters or the best surf, Hawaii’s tropical oasis has something for everyone. With amazing views and endless sunshine, you’re going to want to swim, snorkel, sit and relax by the beach every day.




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