Community Outreach - Year in Review
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Giving through our Community Outreach efforts totaled more than $14 million in 2020.


Nu Volunteer Efforts

589 volunteers joined various activities during 2020, accumulating more than 1,570 hours and benefitting 9,275 people.

European Leukodystrophies Association (ELA)

Raised money for the European Leukodystrophies Association (ELA).

Nutritional Support with Second Harvest Japan

1,318 items of food collected at Food Drive and delivered to people in need, including the users of Food for Kids project.

7,000 children living in foster homes and single-parent households received monthly support and food in 2020.

400 single-parent households received food packages every three months from Nu Skin Japan’s Food for Kids project.

The Leader in Me

The three-year leadership program utilizes the framework of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change, helps lead students to think themselves and act on their own initiative; since 2016, Nu Skin Japan has provided support to 21 schools and 8,827 students.

Continuous Support for Areas Affected by Great East Japan Earthquake

For areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, we aim to continuously provide people in the devastated areas with what they needed, including monetary aid and relief supply directly given to them and scholarship to children.

Nu Hope Library

Nu Hope Library celebrated the 25th library at Sageun Elementary School in Seoul, on Oct 16th, 2020. This Elementary School is a school where the Nu Hope Library was built in Seoul for the first time. Although having reading programs for character development and big dreams, the school had difficulty running them effectively since its library was operated as a multipurpose room. The Nu Skin Korea sales leaders decided to support that school to improve its library environment with remodeling the facilities and supplying new books for the children. A total of KRW 150,000,000 (USD 138,000) was donated for the project last year.

Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) Korea

Gifted 40 EB families Nu Skin products.

Nu Skin Dream Girls Gift Box Project

16,000 boxes gifted.

4,000 gift boxes donated in 2020.

Nu Skin Hope Forest Project

Planted trees to help preserve our future resources.

Forest will be the nation’s first-ever, composed of an endangered and rare variety of trees, and is in coalition with the Nature Environment Research Park.

Wish List Project

472 wishes from our sponsored patients were fulfilled in 2020.

Cardiac Children’s Foundation Taiwan

Provided subsidies and medical support to needed children with Cardiac disease in Taiwan.

Cloud Gate Culture and Art Foundation

Encouraged children to enjoy and experience the beauty of art, enhancing students’ life and strengthening the culture of Taiwanese society.

Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders (TFRD)

Supported TRRD in its efforts to raise awareness of rare diseases.

Taiwan Epidermolysis Bullosa Association

Donated funds and Nu Skin products to support 86 children living with EB in Taiwan. 290 Nu Skin volunteers also helped with a special EB event.

Made a cash donation to the NAACP Education Scholarship Fund

Made a cash donation and employees also volunteered cleaning the grounds at Encircle of Utah County

Mainland China

Nu Skin volunteers in mainland China spent the day with NU School students, and taught them about health.


Employees fulfilled a wish for a little boy sick with leukemia.

South Africa

Nu Skin employees gave service at an orphanage.

Hong Kong and Taiwan

Sales leaders and employees participated in cleaning up a local beach. Also, in Hong Kong, they assembled hygiene packets for the elderly.


Nu Skin Japan donated 2,227 copies of books and 20 bookshelves to 12 primary schools in Miyako City, the area affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.


Nu Skin employees made gift boxes comprised of masks, soap, hand sanitizer, and other health and hygiene items needed for high-risk individuals.

Latin America

Nu Skin employees helped distribute COVID-19 prevention kits and food donation boxes for various charities throughout the region.


Nu Skin employees participated in a blood drive for the Red Cross.

United States

Nu Skin employees participated in 10 different projects and created more than 5,000 items to benefit needy children.


Packed kits that included children’s face masks, alcohol spray, and stationery to give to children from the Nu Skin Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund.


Raised money to buy food and clothing for a local orphanage.


Picked up trash in various neighborhoods.


Raised money for the European Leukodystrophies Association (ELA).


Employees used their talents and skills and offered workshops in writing in hieroglyphs, coaching sports, photography, etc. to help raise money for the European Leukodystrophies Association (ELA).

See Q1 2019 Quarterly report

As COVID-19 spread around the globe, we continually looked for opportunities to help.
Here are some of the highlights of our efforts:

Mainland China

Provided cash donation and contributed 400 air purifiers.


Provided cash donation to the European Red Cross to help hard hit areas.

Hong Kong

Provided in-kind donations to children with congenital heart disease and co-sponsored a program that provides vulnerable groups such as visually and hearing impaired with emergency materials and emotional support.


Provided cash donation to Fatmawati Hospital COVID-19 Team to buy masks and protective suits for doctors and nurses. A product donation of Perennial Body Moisturizer and Liquid Body Bar was also given to nurses and doctors.


Provided 1,000 face masks to Second Harvest Japan (2HJ) and made two cash donations for emergency relief efforts, which were used to support children during school closures and to provide medical assistance around the world. In addition, Nu Skin Japan donated 2,500 medical masks (KN95) to Japan government’s mask team and delivered them to medical sites, and 40,000 masks in total (20,000 masks to 2HJ, 20,000 masks to 17 Leader in Me schools) to children in need.


Provided cash donation to purchase anti-contamination clothing, masks, hand sanitizer, and food.


Provided cash donation to support feeding programs for children in the Philippines. In addition, donated LifePak to doctors and nurses at Philippine General Hospital.


Donated Nu Skin products including AP24, Liquid Body Bar, and Enhancer to doctors and nurses at Singapore General Hospital.


Provided cash donation to the Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Foundation (PCSF) to buy medical equipment.


Donated Nu Skin products to 8 hospitals/700 healthcare workers.

United States

Provided cash donation to the American Red Cross and to the United Way’s Community Response Fund. Also, provided nearly 2,000 face masks to local hospitals and tens of thousands of units of Epoch Hand Sanitizer to the American Red Cross, local hospitals, and other authorized charity partners.

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