Sustainability - Year in Review
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Nu Skin embraces sustainable practices today to enhance a resource-rich tomorrow. We’re striving to be a leader in sustainable practices that support a healthy planet.

Our strategy focuses on three key areas: People, Product, and Planet.

During 2019, announced sustainability commitments—visit our sustainability page to learn more.

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In 2019, the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation donated $1.77 million towards projects furthering our sustainability efforts.


Trees Planted


Protected acres of mangroves,
reefs, forests, and islands

Did You Know?

An estimated 80% of the global fish catch rely indirectly or directly on mangrove forests. They’re also essential for maintaining water quality by trapping and filtering pollutants from waterways. They also hold carbon two to five times more than many other trees, meaning that they’re essential in fighting climate change. By partnering with Seacology, we helped protect marine habitat and provided a mangrove education center and boardwalk in Bangladesh.

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As part of our 2020 product commitments, we’ve pledged to assess, score, and improve the environmental impact of our top twenty products. Check out just one example of a significant change we’ve made to reduce our footprint!


We’re removing the plastic tray from the Body Bar—saving 38.8 tons of plastic per year! That’s the equivalent of 1,164 cubic yards of landfill space!



Our biennial global event, LIVE 2019, was our first-ever “Nu Skin LIVE” green event.


Host a 100% energy neutral event

Result: Offset of 153 metric tons of carbon emissions


Divert 75% of event waste

Result: 9,687+ lbs./4,394+ kgs of materials reused, recycled, repurposed, or donated

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