Community Outreach - Year in Review
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Investing in Our Global Community


Visited children with disabilities and elders in nursing homes.

4,144 volunteers spent 12,347 hours helping 13,843 beneficiaries

Helped children with autism exercise their cognitive abilities.

3,516 volunteers

Budapest Green Area Cleanup

70 volunteers helped clean large areas of forest

Force for Good Day

Volunteers helped clean up the beach and canals around Copenhagen

Completed 12 projects with the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children

237 children and 250 elders helped. 135 volunteers and partners helped.

57 spent on these projects helping children have unique experiences.

Volunteer Project

Up to 2019, 14K+ volunteers contributed 51K+ hours to help 29K beneficiaries.

100% Charity Coffee Shop

Nu Café has provided 110K training hours for people with disabilities and sold 2.4M cups of coffee since its opening 12 years ago.

Aesthetic education of children in rural areas

Invited 3.4K children from rural areas to watch dance performances, providing them the equal opportunity as urban children to cultivate and develop their aesthetic taste.

One Day Activity for EB

Donated a total of more than $10M and accompanied EB families traveling outdoors for 15 consecutive years.

Force for Good Blood Drive

100+ bags of blood donated through the Blood Transfusion Unit of a local hospital.

1000 packaged school kits provided to orphaned children in ten orphanages in ten cities.

Support through Second Harvest Japan

22,800 meals donated to children in foster homes and single-parent households in 2019.

6,000 children’s foods were secured in 2019.

The Leader in Me

7,000 students in 17 elementary schools learned leadership skills in 2019.

Kits for Kids

1,900 stationery sets gifted to 11 elementary schools in earthquake-damaged areas.

Christmas Gift to Children

1,100 children in earthquake-damaged areas received gifts, snacks, and stationery.

Nu Skin Smile Library

21,600 students benefited since 2013.

2,300 books donated to 11 elementary schools in 2019.

Nu Hope Library

2 new libraries, 24 in total.

2,500 books donated.

6,700 elementary school students helped since 2008.

88 elementary school students helped in 2019.

1,500 sales leaders participated.

We are All Mothers

480 families (1,200 individuals) benefited since 2017.

216 families (540 individuals) benefited since 2019.

Meal Box Sharing Project in Partnership with World Vision

31,000 meal boxes in 2019.

393,000 meal boxes since 2006.

Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB)

Contributed $13,000 in 2019 and $140,000 since 2005.

Hosted 17th Annual EB Patient Family Meeting, 2019.

Twinkling Gift Box

11,000 boxes gifted to girls since 2017.

5,000 gift boxes donated in 2019.

Gangwon Forest Fire Recovery Project

Disaster relief to aid in recovery from third largest forest fire in the history of Korea.

$8,600 raised to help the 1,500 families who lost homes.

40 people helped do laundry and meal service to help those affected.

Korean National Sharing Grand Awards

Honored for donating 2,000 meals every month.

Third year officially recognized for CSR efforts.

Pink Friday

Medical specialist shared about the importance of heart health.

Wish List Project

497 wishes from our sponsored patients fulfilled in 2019.

Force for Good Day

200 sponsored patients, brand affiliates, and staff enjoyed a day at the Kuala Lumpur Tower Mini Zoo.

CHILD Foundation

Supported by 120 Brand Affiliates and over 70 staff, 50 children and their families enjoyed a Dessert Museum Tour, a special Christmas program, and received Christmas presents and grocery baskets.

Kids Haven

Taught orphans how to get a job and how to start their own business.

Ambassador Program

$32,902 donated to the Food and Care Coalition, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and Kids on the Move.


12 turkeys and 3 hams donated to the Food and Care Coalition.

40 turkeys and 4 hams donated to Community Action.

1,100+ blankets tied for Mountainland Headstart and Primary Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Employee Malawi Trip

Nu Skin employees volunteered more than 1,300 hours in Malawi.

Food & Care Coalition

300+ employees volunteered and served in 2019.

Force for Good Day

29 different projects, including:

map     11 elementary schools

map   11 community services

trees    3 city parks 

book   2 city libraries 

map    2 recycling facilities   

2,700 hours of service  

Nearly 1,500 volunteers  

Nearly 7,000 children helped   


732 gifts provided to 122 children in need.

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