Flexi Block

A Flex Block is a Building Block substitute that we use to hold your status as a Brand Representative if you do not complete at least 4 Building Blocks in a month.

Flex Blocks do not provide Sales Volume or Commissionable Sales Value and no Bonus is paid on Flex Blocks. Flex Blocks have no monetary value and cannot ever be redeemed for cash. Flex Blocks do not expire and there is no limit to the number of Flex Blocks you can accumulate; provided, however, that any accumulated Flex Blocks will be forfeited if you lose your Brand Representative status or your Brand Affiliate Account is terminated.


Allocation of Flex Blocks

You are allotted Flex Blocks as a new Brand Representative and each following year. The Flex Blocks will be reflected in your Volumes & Genealogy.

Application of Flex Blocks

We apply Flex Blocks to hold your Brand Representative status, if you have at least one completed Building Block. In any month that you have not met Maintenance, we will automatically apply up to 3 Flex Blocks in place of missing Building Blocks (to the extent you have sufficient Flex Bocks available), to hold your status as a Brand Representative. An entire Flex Block is applied in place of an incomplete Building Block regardless of how much Sales Volume is needed to complete the Building Block. You can check your Volumes & Genealogy to see how many Flex Blocks you have available.