Natalia Montoya


My TR90 Transformation Number: 1

Being on TR90 has completely changed my life, and I am infinitely grateful for what it has inspired in me, and subsequently in others. Originally, I was skeptical about doing the program myself because I thought I was “fit.” Luckily I was coached by my upline Scotty Kearns to take part in going through the program so that I could speak from integrity about the program and invite others to join me. I figured that I would learn the program to better help future clients, but it turned out that the person I most helped was myself.


Before starting the program, I got a DEXA scan. The woman who runs the centre told me my body fat, lean muscle and bone percentage. She told me I was 25.8% body fat, and then leaned in and said, “You’re like me, we’re skinny-fat.”


Knowing that the program was only 90 days, I decided to commit fully for 90 days to “see what was possible.” And that was what I simply shared with my family and friends, that I was doing it in the spirit of seeing what was possible. It was easier to gain their understanding, if not support. I knew that my new choices were challenging for some people to accept, thinking that I was already “skinny” so what was the point.


In addition to the walking, yoga, and dance that I normally do, I joined a local gym and shared with them that I was starting a special program and that I wanted to learn how to do some strength-training. And so I started doing strength training classes 1-2 times a week, and also became friends with the Manager of Membership Sales, Manny Amaral. Manny invited me to work out with him doing strength training, and was so impressed with the scanner that he’s actually joined my business.


Over the first 6 weeks of the program, I didn’t think my body was really changing because my weight didn’t change and I wasn’t losing inches. My clothes however did feel like they were fitting a bit better, and I did feel somewhat stronger and that felt good. but I was still skeptical. At that point what I was liking most about the program was the concept of fueling my body by following the eating plan.


Halfway through the program, I reluctantly took the time to take my progress pictures. I was reluctant because not thinking there been much of a transformation I didn’t really see the point, and I had gained one pound. Yet, once I took a look at the photos I was really surprised, then in shock a bit, and then ... excited! That moment changed really changed everything.


Since mid-December I have been having many great conversations with people about what it means to be healthy. For different body types it’s different, and for skinny-fat ectomorphs like me it isn’t about the scale or even about inches necessarily but about body composition through a healthy eating plan and strength training.


Before TR90, I had no idea how often I was going for hours and hours without eating, and sometimes missing a meal. I also became aware of the subtle satisfaction I would sometimes feel when I would eat less than normal in a day - I’ve learned now that this is like a semi-starvation diet. And I’m happy to say that that I’m now eating MORE than ever, and loving it!


I’ve learned that the difference between being skinny-fat/thin and FIT is incredibly misunderstood. Before TR90 I would have described myself as “fit,” as would most of the people who know me since I’ve always eaten healthily and I’m really active - I am a certified yoga teacher, and a Tango dancer, and I walk everywhere!


I am on day 76, and I am excited to get my next DEXA scan. A reading at my gym last week showed I was down to 15.5% body fat, but the DEXA will confirm that. I will also take my 90 day pictures.


My “Transformation Number” is 1. That 1 pound difference as demonstrated in my before and after pictures that showed me I had not been fit after all, and more importantly it showed me what being fit really is. And now that I’ve changed 1 life, my own, it’s time to go out and help others 1 at a time.


I would also like to add that seeing this 1 change, makes me wonder about what other things I can work on 1 at a time in 90 day cycles.


TR90 Rocks!