Epoch Rebrand


For centuries, humans have learned to use plants for all aspects of their lives. The knowledge behind many of today’s best-selling beauty products comes from the knowledge of indigenous peoples. Created by Nu Skin scientists in conjunction with Dr. Paul Cox, a leading ethnobotanist and Nu Skin Scientific Advisor, each Epoch product harnesses the power of global ethnobotanical wisdom through authentic formulations that improve the lives of people while protecting native plant diversity. From the Epoch® Baobab Body Butter that features the fruit of the African baobab tree to the Yin and Yang Mask with nourishing porcelain flower and charcoal, ingredients derived from indigenous Chinese cultures, the Epoch collection brings a piece of history and culture to every use.


Originally created in 1996, Epoch is now better than ever as each product in the 13-piece collection helps reduce the brand’s carbon footprint, all while featuring safe, natural and effective ethnobotanical ingredients inspired by indigenous cultures around the world.


Giving Back


Since its inception in 1996, the Epoch brand has created products specially designed to respect one's skin and the planet while donating $0.25 of each purchase to the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation, benefiting the planet, and its inhabitants. Donations to the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation from Epoch sales support various charitable products including planting fruit trees in Malawi (Seeds of Hope) and protecting unique habitats and cultures (Seacology).


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