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From time-to-time, the company will issue important updates or “advisories” that could have a meaningful impact on a Brand Affiliate’s business and the company’s reputation. We ask that Brand Affiliates check back often, as business advisories can and will change on a regular basis. Please be advised that violating any of the advisories listed below could result in disciplinary action. Please see the “Contact Us” section for information on how to contact the company with questions or report violations.


EmpowerSTART Incentive Program:


Nu Skin is excited to introduce the EmpowerSTART Incentive Program, which allows Brand Affiliates to earn incredible bonuses by achieving important performance milestones. When promoting this new incentive, it’s vital that all Brand Affiliates closely follow the EmpowerSTART Incentive Guidelines found here. Any promotion of the EmpowerSTART Incentive that is inconsistent with these guidelines is strictly prohibited.