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Introducing ECOSPHERE WATER PURIFIER, a home living device built with our hallmark of innovative technology and superior quality materials. Designed for health enthusiasts like you who cares deeply about creating a clean, safe home for your individual and family's wellness. Equip yourself with the healthy water opportunity now to protect you and your family’s health with clean, safe water that is free from everyday toxins, contaminants and pathogens.



A product tells its own story.



• Clean tubing
• Sleek size
• Premium diverter



4-stage ultra


• Kills up to 99.9999%1 of impurities
• Use each cartridge up to 1 year2
• Built-in UV lamp with no replacing 


1. Based on bacterial reduction results from in-house study

2. Varies from user to user depending on usage and water quality



Easy user

in simple

• Easy installation in 3 min
• Easy maintenance in 3 steps
• Easy access in 3 steps




Product Numbers don't lie


4 stage
filtration process



filtration effectiveness1



water capacity
per 3in1 cartridge



3 min
easy installation








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Discover the innovation.

Tap into the power of the EcoSphere Water Purifier. Drink healthy with clean, safe water!
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