About ADR

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The most convenient way for you to ensure that you never run out of your favorite products each month is to sign up on ADR. The program also offers you the following benefits:

• Products delivered to your doorstep every month
• Manage your account online 24/7
• Earn product points with each monthly delivery.
• Redeem ADR points for products, ADR shipping, specified sales aids and events.


Enroll online or Walk-in Centers (where available).

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1. Create an ADR order

Simply create a new ADR monthly order that will ship automatically each month on the scheduled ship date.

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2. Manage an Existing ADR order (only available on nuskin.com)

Easily modify your existing monthly ADR order with new products.

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3. Override an existing ADR order.

Conveniently place a new order and have it take the place of your existing ADR order for the current month.

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