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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I charge my ageLOC Boost device? 


1. Before charging, make sure both the device and the magnetic charger are completely dry. 

2. Place the device on the magnetic charger. Make sure the magnets snap into position. Plug the USB cable into a power source (e.g. computer or USB plug). 

3. When charging, the lights on the touch surface will move up from 1 to 6 lights and will blink.  

4. Charge ageLOC Boost device completely. Once the device is fully charged, the lights will stop going on and off and the LED light bars will remain dimly lit.



2. Why should I put my Activating Serum on the device head rather than direclty on my skin?


This is to help ensure the current is conducted efficiently. If you apply the product directly to your skin, Activating Serum may partially dry out on one part of your face before you reach it with the device. This is also why we suggest using the device on one half of your face at a time.  



3. Can I use any product/serum with ageLOC Boost device?


For an optimal experience, we recommend that you only use ageLOC Boost Activating Serum with your device. That’s because we scientifically formulated the Activating Serum to ensure that the unique, patent-pending Variable Pulse Microcurrent can be effectively delivered to your skin. We collaborated with our world-class team of experts to create different formulas to find one with the maximum ability to conduct the needed current while providing incredible benefits of the key ingredients. ​We meticulously deliberated over every detail, carefully choosing the right ingredients and concentrations.
The final formula achieves this balance of supporting conductivity while providing all the amazing benefits perfectly and is packed with efficacious ingredients. Using the system as a whole is the only way to ensure your skin enjoys the full range of benefits ageLOC Boost System has to offer.


4. Can I use ageLOC Boost device in the shower? Is it waterproof? 


You should not use ageLOC Boost in the shower or bath because the device is not waterproof (it’s water-resistant). Also, you’ll want to use the system after showering because Activating Serum is a leave-on product, not one you wash off. You can clean your ageLOC Boost device with water, but do not submerge it.



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