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media coverage 2014


December 2014 - Blogger Kassi from Makeupartistas

This well known Irish beauty blogger tried our Galvanic Spa and ageLOC products and was absouletely thrilled with the results.


December 2014 - Erisea Magazine

This magazine enjoyed our products so much that they dedicated an entire post about our daily skincare. They will make more posts about our products in the future.


December 2014 - Pocketful of Rye

Beauty blogger from Pocketful of Rye had made a full list of possible Christmas presents for the men.


November 2014 - Total Make up Addict

A beauty blogger gave Nu Skin a great introduction and will make more posts in the future.


November 2014 - LifeStyle Linked

Nu Skin was featured in the online magazine LifeStyle Linked as a top three picks for great skin Christmas presents.


November 2014 - Fashion Rambler

Online magazine Fashion Rambler made a review about Dividens with focus on Movember.


November 2014 - (France)

A review and product testing of the ageLOC Galvanic Body Trio in the “Beauty and Health” special


October 2014 - Women's Health (Germany)

Pulsating current to fight skin aging. Advertises the magazine "Women's Health" for our ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa in October.


September 2014 - IN magazine (Ireland)

Our beloved Epoch Baobab body butter is featured in the September issue of IN! magazine.


September 2014 - Je vous chouchoute (France)

Nu Skin refines your body shape; testing, impressions and successful results of the ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa


September 2014 - Que j’adore (France)

Nu Skin makes you look younger! Review and results of the ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa


2014 - The Ultimate Beauty Guide (United Kingdom)

In the “Editor's Picks” section of the annual magazine The Ultimate Beauty Guide Nu Skin's ageLOC Transformation is recommended.


July 2014 - (France)

The online edition of the famous and luxurious magazine Vogue presented the ageLOC Galvanic Body Trio in the Beauty Shopping special called "High-tech beauty tools".


July 2014 - Madame 

The ageLOC Galvanic Body Trio is featured in the Beauty-News.


June 2014 - (Germany)

"Nu Skin® ageLOC® Galvanic Body Trio" is featured in an article about " atmosphere at home".


June 2014 - Urban Fox
(United Kingdom)

The British make up artist Sheelagh Powell shares her must-have products for the summer months. Nu Skin's ageLOC Radiant Day is one of her favorites.  


June 2014 - (France)
Nu Skin's ageLOC Galvanic Body Trio as an anti-ageing ritual? Tested and approved by this famous blogger! 


Summer 2014 - Cornish Brides (United Kingdom)
A range of Nu Skin products are featured in the new summer edition of Cornish Brides: ageLOC® Transformation and Nu Skin® Dividends® for Men Collection. Interesting reading for brides, grooms and everybody else.


May 2014 - (France)
An exclusive opportunity to win ageLOC Galvanic Body Trio! 


May 2014 - (France)
This famous and stylish website gives a nice product presentation of Nu Skin ageLOC Dermatic Effects and an exclusive contest to win 5 of these fabulous products!


April 2014 - Grazia (Germany)
Nu Skin´s ageLOC Galvanic Spa System and ageLOC Body Trio are mentioned in a summer-fit-special on page 82 in GRAZIA – a weekly published magazine.


March 2014 - Coiffure (France)
Nu Skin Clear Action Foaming Cleanser was presented in Coiffure Magazine.


January 2014 - Kvety (Czech Republic)
Discover how Nu Skin's ageLOC Future Serum tones your skin and helps to reduce fine lines in 5 days.


Winter 2014 - Dorset Magazine (United Kingdom)
Nicola tells the story about her transformation in 90 days and she explains how the products worked for her.


January 2014 - Rúzs és Má (Hungary)
The editor of Rúzs és Más online site attended our first Budapest Nu Skin EXPO and shares her positive experiences.


December 2014 - Naija Living Magazine

Our galvanic spa was featured in this online magazine as the top beauty products for winter.


November 2014 - Beauty Pulse London

Beauty Blogger Beauty Pulse London made a review about Nu Skin 180 line being her favorite brighten skin care pick


November 2014 - Beauty and wellbeing

Parisian Beauty Favorites where Galvanic spa was mentioned.


November 2014 - (France)

A product testing of the ageLOC Future Serum with some revealing results!


November 2014 - The Consumer Voice

Great review about ageLOC Future serum from this prestigious organization where their summary sounds like this: “Incredible product that really does turn back time.”


October 2014 - From Matte to Metallic

We were featured in this well known Irish beauty blog duo and tweeter (they have over 1300 followers there) and received many positive comments.


October 2014 - Petra (Germany)

The ageLOC® Galvanic Body Trio is featured in the article " Beauty Electronic Club".


September 2014 - Ces doux moments (France)

Nu Skin, the reference and it brand in anti-aging. Discovery, review and impressions of the ageLOC Radiant day SPF 22, ageLOC Transforming Night and ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa.


September 2014 - Paris Frivole (France)

Always on the lookout for beauty innovations and breakthrough discoveries to preserve a doll complexion, Paris Frivolous presents Nu Skin´s ageLOC Elements.


2014 - The Ultimate Beauty Guide (United Kingdom)

In the annual magazine The Ultimate Beauty Guide the Nu Skin ageLOC Edition Galvanic Spa System II is featured in a two page article. 


Autumn 2014 - Happiness Wherever You Go

This beauty blogger has made a several great reviews for Nu Skin.

Bronzing Pearls & Brush

ageLOC transforming night

ageLOC Radiant Skin SPF 22


July 2014 - Modern Spa Magazine (United Kingdom)

The ageLOC Galvanic Body Trio is featured in an article about effective weight loss and cellulite busting solutions. 


July 2014 - (France)
A luxurious presentation of the Nu skin ageLOC Galvanic Body Trio on this exclusive website!


June 2014 - Lejournalbeauté.fr (France)

A very interesting test and review of Nu Skin's ageLOC Galvanic Body Trio.


June 2014 - La beauté selon une Parisienne (France)

A very interesting test and review of Nu Skin's ageLOC Galvanic Body Trio.


June 2014 - (France)

The Nu Skin Galvanic Body Trio is presented as a kit that combines both beauty and technology.


June 2014 - (France)

Nu Skin's ageLOC Galvanic Body Trio is featured as an effective anti-aging kit.


June 2014 - Cosmopolitan (Germany)
In Cosmopolitan´s issue 06/2014 on page 146 Nu Skin´s ageLOC Galvanic Body Trio is presented in the summer special called "Lift your leg – 6-step-plan for sexy legs".


April 2014 - WAPA (Spain)
The Spanish magazine WAPA included Nu Skin's Galvanic Body Spa in in the "Trends" section of its Spring issue.


March 2014 - In Touch Style (Germany)
The ageLOC Galvanic Body Trio is featured in an article about the newest beauty boosters.


February 2014 - Woman 30 plus (Austria)
Nu Skin´s Sunright® Lip Balm SPF 15 and Sunright® Face & Body SPF 35 is featured in an article about anti-ageing.

MLM Évkönyv_febr_HU

February 2014 - MLM Year Book (Hungary)
The MLM Year book introduces the most important MLM companies in Hungary. Nu Skin is featured in a 4-pages long article with the most important facts and figures.


February 2014 - Tara (Norway)
Three different Nu Skin products are featured in this month’s edition of the Norwegian magazine Tara: Creamy Hydrating Masque, ReNu Hair Mask and Glacial Marine Mud.


January 2014 - Dieta (Czech Republic)
How to fight with cellulite? Nu Skin's ageLOC Body Shaping Gel is proposed as a solution.