The Pharmanex® Difference

The Pharmanex Difference

PHARMANEX®—a different kind of nutritional supplements


The difference is clear: PHARMANEX® sets the industry standard for scientific integrity. PHARMANEX® scientists examine the natural, healthy processes that take place in the body and determine how nutritional supplementation can enhance these functions. After weighing these factors, only substances known to be safe and effective in promoting health are taken to the next stage of development.

Once selected, all PHARMANEX® ingredients are subjected to a stringent, scientific analysis known as the 6S Quality Process. This patented manufacturing process—based on selection, sourcing, specification, standardization, safety, and substantiation—enables NU SKIN to lead the pack in quality and efficacy.

Today, more than 75 on-staff scientists lead the research and development team at NU SKIN. These scientists review published clinical and scientific studies to identify botanicals that may have health-promoting properties.

The PHARMANEX® brand of science-based nutritional supplements is a part of NU SKIN, a global direct selling company operating in nearly 50 markets throughout Asia, the Americas, and Europe.