Nu Skin Anti-aging Scientific Advisory Board

Anti-Aging Scientific Advisory Board


With the commitment to become the world’s premiere anti-aging company, we have the NU SKIN Anti-Aging Advisory Scientific Board to better reflect our anti-aging focus and competitive advantage in both nutrition and personal care. By sharing their knowledge, experience and talent, these experts ensure that NU SKIN stays on the forefront of anti-aging product development and leading to more breakthroughs and a robust pipeline of new products for the next ten years.


Prof. Lars Bohlin, Ph.D.

Professor of Pharmacognosy,
University of Uppsala, Sweden


  • Vice President and Professor of Uppsala University in Sweden
  • Chairman of the Board for the Department of Pharmacy at Uppsala in Sweden
  • Consulted as an expert by both private and public organizations

Editorial or advisory boards for scientific journals as Phytotherapy Research, Phytomedicine, J. Ethnopharmacology, and Planta Medica

  • M.S. and Ph.D. in pharmacy at Uppsala University in Sweden


Hildebert Wagner, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Institute of Pharmacy,
Ludwig-Maximilians University Center
for Pharmaceutical Research, Munich, Germany


  • Author of Immunmodulatory Agents from Plants and 7 other books includes Plant Drug Analysis and Drugs and Drug Constituents, as well as authoring over 900 other scientific publications.
  • Served as Director of the Institute of Pharmaceutical Biology in Munich, Germany
  • Advisory/Editorial Boards of Phytochemistry, The Journal of Ethnopharmacology andThe Journal of Natural Products
  • Editor of the International Journal of Phytomedicine


Paul Alan Cox, Ph.D.

Director of the Institute for Ethnomedicine


  • Professor and Dean of the Brigham Young University and Distinguished Professor of the Brigham Young University in Hawaii
  • Holds Visiting Professorships at the University of Melbourne, Uppsala University andUmea University
  • Director and CEO of the congressionally chartered National Tropical Botanical Garden inHawaii and Florida
  • Chairman and Founder of the Seacology Foundation which helped preserve 65,000acres of rain forests in South Pacific Islands
  • Director of the Institute for Ethnomedicine and published over 140 scientific articlesand 3 books



  • Named 1 of 11 Heroes of Medicine by the Time Magazine
  • Received Goldman Prize, the Nobel Prize of Environment
  • Received the Bowdoin Prize, Harvard University’s most prestigious literary award, and became one of the first individuals since Ralph Waldo Emerson received the award twice
  • Received Presidential Young Investigator Award from National Science FoundationAppointed as Nafanua, one of the highest chief titles in Samoa


  • Ph.D. in Biology from Harvard University
  • M.Sc. degree in Ecology from University of Wales


Makoto Kuro-o, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Pathology,
University of Texas South Western Medical Center



  • Assistant Professor of Pathology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas



  • P.h.D. in Medicine from University of Tokyo
  • Postdoctoral training at the National Institute of Neuroscience in Japan


Tomas Prolla, Ph.D

Co-Founder, LifeGen Technologies,

Professor, Department of Geriatrics and Medicine,

University of Wisconsin



  • Shorb Lecturer Award
  • Basil O’Connor Starter Scholar Research Award
  • Burroughs Wellcome Young Investigator Award
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute New Faculty Startup Award
  • Studied in the Department of Molecular Bio-physics and Biochemistry at Yale University
  • Completed post-doctoral training at the Human and Molecular Genetics Department atBaylor College of Medicine


Prof. King-Jen Chang, M.D., Ph.D

Superintendent of Cheng Ching General Hospital-Chung Kang Branch

Professor, Department of Surgery, Medicine College of Taiwan University


Dr. David Chang-Hung Chung

Ex-superintendent , Tamsui Branch , Mackay Memorial Hospital, Taipei,Taiwan.



  • Described as “a Venerable Specialist in Tumor-related Medicine”
  • Holds a number of consulting positions and served as the President of the HospiceOrganization in Taiwan
  • Served as the hospital Vice Superintendent and the Superintendent of the Tansui branch of Mackay
  • Memorial Hospital
  • Published some 100 clinical research papers and a sizable number of teaching materials



  • Received his M.D. from the National Defense Medical Center of Taiwan
  • Researcher at the Cancer Center of Washington University and WebsterUniversity, St. Louis
  • Holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from Cohen Theological University, California


Prof. Benjamin N. Chiang, M.D.

Professor Emeritus, School of Medicine,
National Yang Ming University



  • President of International Lipids Information Bureau in Taiwan
  • President of Research Foundation of Cardiovascular Medicine in Republic of China(R.O.C)
  • President of the Societies of Cardiology, Lipids and Atherosclerosis and Internal Medicine
  • Author of some 300 scientific publications




  • Received medical education at the National Defense Medical College in Taiwan
  • Further studies at the University of London Institute of Cardiology and the University of Michigan School of Medicine and Public Health


Prof. Feng-Lin Hsu, Ph.D.

Professor, Pharmacognosy of Taiwan Well-Known Medical University




  • Professor and Director of Taipei Medical University, Department of Hospital Pharmacy and Department of Pharmacognosy Science and Technology
  • Had been invited to continue the research on Chinese medicine by National Committee of Taiwan, and participated in the development of academic society chemistry, pharmacology and clinical research
  • Served as a research conductor of various national research projects
  • Published a sizable number of scientific papers and articles



  • Received Master and Ph.D. of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences from Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan
  • Received a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy at the School of Pharmacy of Taipei Medical College in Taiwan


Molly Wanner, M.D., M.B.A.

Dermatologist, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School


Prof. Myung-Hee Chung,
M.Dm, Ph.D.
Honorary Professor, Seoul National University


Prof. Ho Cheol Shin, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor of Family Medicine,

SungKyunKwan University Chair of Kangbuk Samsung Hospital


Prof. Zonglian Jin

Professor of Food Science, College of Applied Arts and Science of  Beijing Union University



  • Senior Expert of National Dietary Supplement
  • Honorary President of Beijing Food Institute ; First President of Dietary Supplement Branch of the Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology; Ex-Councilman of China's Health Care Association; Ex-President of Subcommittee on Health Product monitoring; Famous expert on Dietary Supplement in China.
  • More than 30 years on science & technology in dietary supplement, act as primary director in key lab on bioactivator and dietary supplement; as well as primary director in inspection center of College of Applied Arts and Science, Beijing Union University.
  • Senior Expert of national dietary supplement evaluation; published more than 200 theses and 3 composing, among which, Principle and Method for dietary supplement evaluation, was the first monograph on dietary supplement evaluation; winning the special allowance of the State Council, and 5 progress prizes in science and technology.
  • Carried out researches on anti-fatigue and  anti-aging food and developed several products which help to resist fatigue and alleviate dysmnsia of elderly people.



  • Graduated from Physiology of Human and Animal, Institute of Biology, Peking University in 1964. (Bachelor Degree)
  • Graduated from Physiology of Human and Animal, Institute of Biology, Peking University in 1982. (Master Degree)
  • Visiting Scholar of Alberta University, Canada, from 1990 to 1991



Education and Investigation on Dietary Supplement


Prof. Zhiying Ma
Technical Director of Shanghai Food Research Institute
Professorate Senior Engineer



  • Professor Ma has more than 30 years of working experience in Shanghai Food Research Institute. He had acted as Research Director, Chief Engineer and Deputy Director. At present, he acts as Technical Director of Shanghai Food Research Institute.
  • Acts as Director of Expert Committee of Shanghai Food Association and Director of Food Safety Professional Committee of Shanghai Food Science Society.
  • More than 30 years of working experience on in Food Biochemistry Science, Food Engineering and Food Safety. He completed over ten key research projects in recent years such as Development of Bioactive Collagen Polypeptide and Its Application Research in The Functional Food. Further, he has won more than ten Science and Technology Awards from Ministry of Science and Technology and at provincial levels.
  • As the first-named inventor, Professor. Ma was granted patents for Preparation Method of Certain Collagen Hyhrolysate Calcium, and Preparation Natural Active Collagen with Acid Enzyme Complex Method.
  • Published 4 science books, including "What to Eat--- Personal Food Safety Guide", "What to Eat --- How to Select Safe Food", "Eat Right, Stay Healthy---To eat a Balanced Diet for Vitality", "The Famous Doctor Teaches You to be Healthy ---Prof. Ma Teaches You How to Find Safe Food". He published over 30 research papers and more than 100 science articles at home and abroad.
  • Professor Ma was often invited to attend exclusive interviews held by mainstream media such as internet, TV stations and newspapers. He is the invited expert in a progamme of Shanghai Television, which serves to spread the knowledge of Food Safety.



  • Food Biochemistry Science / Food Engineering / Food Safety



Prof. Yuling Shi
Professor, Chief Physician, Department of Dermatology in Clinical medicine, Tongji University



  • Prof. Shi graduated from the Second Military Medical University with Ph.D. degree on Dermatology;
  • Made post-doctoral research work in dermatology and immunology laboratory of Henry Ford Health System (US) during 2011-2012;engaged in Dermatology clinical, teaching and scientific research work for more than 20 years; Presided over multiple Natural Science Foundation of China, Shanghai Natural Science Fund and projects supported by Science and Technology commission of Shanghai;
  • Published more than 50 professional articles in the field, and 18 of which on SCI journals.
  • National Psoriasis Committee member of the Dermatology branch of Chinese Medical Association; Committee member of the Professional committee of the Dermatology branch of the China Society of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine under the division of Psoriasis; Committee member of the Dermatology of Shanghai Medical Association; Vice team leader of the Psorasis’team of the Dermatology Branch of Shanghai Medical Association; Committee member of the Dermatology of Taiwan Medical Association; Committee member of the Dermatology Branch of Shanghai Association of Chinese Medicine; Committee member of Shanghai laser quality control panel; Committee member of Skin pharmacology professional panel of Shanghai Pharmacology Association.


  • Laser Cosmetic
  • Cosmetic Injection
  • Research of Psorasis, autoimmune skin disease