Stay at home Mums can build empires too


October 24th 2016 was the day my maternity leave was going to end, my baby was only 7 months old and as a first time mother I never went anywhere without her. I was so anxious, dreading the fast-approaching October where I would have to put my daughter into day care and miss so many milestones because we could not afford the living costs on one income.


September 27th was the day I took a leap of faith and threw myself into this free opportunity to try and change the very real possibility of returning to full time work. I was told “say yes now and learn later” so I did, and it was the best decision I have made for my little family! I loved the fact this company I partnered with provided me with the best support system from day one, training and endless encouragement from others in the business. Something I was not familiar with coming from a fast-paced sales background where it is very competitive and not always as supportive of each other’s successes. 


However Nu Skin was the exact opposite, as a mum I was still able to be there for my daughter and meet my responsibilities as a mother and wife whilst building my business. I worked in the sales industry for over 5 years and many of those years I was working long stressful days and constantly dealing with the high demands and pressures of deadlines and targets. Since I started with Nu Skin it’s been absolutely amazing, I am able to manage my work around my family, church and social commitments without feeling like things are overwhelming! Now that is something special, seeing every milestone of my daughter’s life and helping my husband with the bills has been life-changing.


Something that has stood out for me as a first-time mother starting this business venture has been the number of stay at home mother’s I have come across and introduced this opportunity too. All these amazing women have shared their stories with me and how financially they would love to contribute to their family income but at the same time they do not want to miss out on anything with their young children or pay the expensive costs of day care. I was moved that I wasn’t alone, this was my very reason I started, and I did not realise there were so many other mothers out there feeling the same way! So since October I have been so fortunate to share this opportunity with other mothers not only in NZ but all over the globe and see how they have been able to financially help their families all from the comfort of their homes!


I have loved that this business has not only supplemented my family income, it has also helped build my self-confidence which is something I did not realise was so important. Sometimes as mothers we tend to put our own needs to the side to cater to others such as our children and husbands, through this opportunity it has helped me grow as an individual. I’ve learnt some amazing strategies of how to build a successful business, but surprisingly I have also learnt how to build meaningful relationships, how important personal growth is and that the only way you succeed in this venture is to help others succeed.


This opportunity has been life changing for my family and many members in my team as stay at home mothers. Not many people can say they have never missed a day in their baby’s life whilst earning a significant income at the same time! But I am so thankful I can, and I am so blessed Nu Skin has provided me with the means to do so! 


October 24th came and I happily called my 9-5 job to say I would not be returning to work, and I’ve never looked back!


Written by our 2017 Nu Gen Leader, Jordan Utupo.