Nu Skin Pacific Founding Executives | Graham & Jane

Michael Anderson

2017 marks the 25th year of transforming lives in the Pacific. This milestone is a time to celebrate the many lives that Nu Skin has been privileged to be a part of. Over 12,000 distributors today make up our Nu Skin Pacific family, and we are confident that this is just the beginning of our story.


Taking it back to the year Nu Skin Pacific opened, there were only 16 individuals who achieved Executive status in 1993. We have called them our “Founding Executives”. Graham and Jane Parratt are one of the 16, and share a few of their insights into the Nu Skin Pacific world of 1993.


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"Graham was made redundant when we had a two-year-old and was expecting our second baby.  He wanted something that he could rely on with his own efforts.  Nu Skin gave that opportunity with no large upfront capital therefore very low risk.  We put in the hard work right at the start, and a friend who had a successful business looked at Nu Skin’s opportunity for us and said put your head down for three years as most businesses take that long to establish.  Great advise for us!  We did that and have been able to set up an ongoing monthly income with time and freedom to enjoy with our family.  The flexibility it has created our lifestyle, it has been fabulous. It’s a joy and so rewarding to see others strive, grow personally and attain their goals. We still have to pinch ourselves at times for the Lifestyle it has produced. Thank you the Nu Skin Team – and trust us, you can do this too!"


- Graham & Jane Parratt

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25 Years