The Best Skin Care for Winter

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If you did not think that your skin care routine should change with the seasons, think again. 

Winter has settled in and your skin has now transitioned to support harsh winds and cold and dry weathers. While the Australian whether is more clement than European whether, it is still a noticable change that your skin will have to endure for 3 months each year. 

The fundamentals of skin care remain similar throughout the year, including steps such as washing, exfoliating, and hydrating your face. However, it is essential to ensure that each products are reviewed to help your skin repare from 


The most common skin care concern faced during winter is dryness. Dryness occurs when the humidity level is reduced by the cold weather. Dry skin leads to rough skin due to an excess of dead cells, which can also lead to acne. 



Step 1. Exfoliate

To help combat these issues, the first step is to exfoliate. Lumispa with dry cleanser or gentle exfoliator

If you already own a ageloc LumiSpa, think of swithing from the normal to dry treatment head, which will give you extra exfoliation. You can also change your treatment cleanser to dry to help you hydrate your skin. 


Your body will also need extra exfoliation. 

We love: 

Gentle scrub

body lufa

Step 2. Hydrate

An essential part of fighting dryness is to moisturize morning and night using specific moisturisers.

Moisture restore,

We love

moisture restore


Step 3. Reinforce

With colds, holidays and 

If you get a runny nose this winter it is likely that you will experience a sore nose from excessive rubbing. apply aloe vera to affected areas a few times a day to soothe and assist with the healing process. 

Don't skip the SPF.

Just because it's winter doesn't mean you can stop putting sun protection. SPF products should be applied all throughout the day. The main difference is that you can reduce the SPF protection. 

Think from the inside out.

You now have all the tools to nourish your skin from the outside in, but how about from the inside out? Don't forget to maintain a diet rich in antioxidant (Fruits and Vegetables), drink plenty of water, and get the right supplement to help you fight against mild infections. 


Written by: BLA BLA

BLA BLA is Nu Skin Pacific's newest member as a Marketing Assistance and Content Contributor. BLABLA is from Australia and loves talking about Skin Care. She has a particular interest in tackling acne since she has been dealing with this skin concern since she was a teenager. 

BLA BLA's moto: "Make your life more extraordinary".