It’s all about you, your skin and your preferences!

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It’s all about you, your skin and your preferences!

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We all lead busy lives and sticking to an extensive skin care routine can be overwhelming. We often struggle as we are inundated with so many different rules, routines and products to choose from. You have probably asked yourself plenty of times, what are the right products for my skin? and how do I stick to a routine?

Well, we are here to help. We have some tips and tricks for you to consider to help you customise your skin care routine and stick to it day in and day out.


Customised skin care routine:


With modern technology we now customise everything from our shoes, clothing and even phone cases. So why don’t we customise our skin care routine with products that work for our skin type? Well, statistics show that 87% of women are confused about skin care products and what they should use for their skin type.¹


We are all uniquely individual and have distinctive skin care needs. It is important that we better care for our skin by having a routine that addresses our skin type. If you are confused about what products to use dermatologists and skin care professionals can help select the best products based on your individual needs. You can also use some amazing technologies to create a routine customised just for you.


With state-of-the-art technology and breakthrough anti-ageing formulations, Nu Skin’s ageLOC ME technology has re-defined skin care. Brilliant and simple to use, this technology delivers five powerful anti-ageing products, selected from about 2,000 possible combinations to provide a simplified routine made just for you and your preferences. This is anti-ageing skin care like you have never seen, felt or imagined. Take the test today and customise your skin care routine.


Customisation is key for your routine and it all comes down to knowing your skin and choosing products that work best for you and your preferences. Remember that not everything works for everyone. Sometimes finding the right products involves a bit of experimentation until you find something that truly work for you.


Our skin is as unique as our personality, so make sure you care for it!!

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Tips to help you stick to a customised skin care routine:


Building a skin care routine is difficult but the hardest part is sticking to it. Here are our tips on what to do:


1. Set reminders: It is easy to forget or feel like you don’t have time to go through a skin care routine. A simple tip when getting started with a skin care routine is to set reminders. Set a daily reminder on your phone or stick a post-it note on your mirror, so you don’t forget. This is an effective tool which will help you get into the habit of caring for your skin every morning and night.


2. Link your routine to another activity: When it comes to having a skin care routine being consistent is essential if you want to see actual results. If you link your skin care routine to a pre-existing habit, such as brushing your teeth it will soon become part of your daily ritual. For example, every morning and night when you brush your teeth also complete your skin care routine. Being consistent every morning and night will ingrain the new habit into your schedule, so you never forget.


3. Clean out products that you don’t use: There are so many beauty products on the market, making it easy to build up a large collection of products that we don’t use. One tip we recommend is to clear out your cupboards and get rid of all the beauty products that you no longer use. They are just taking up space and can make your skin care routine seem overwhelming, as there are so many products to choose from.


It's time for you to start focusing on yourself and your skin care needs. Be consistent and pick a daily skin care routine that is easy, convenient and customised to your skin type. If you keep this all-in mind your skin care routine will soon be easy and fun.


¹ Hall, V 2017, ’89 per cent of women are confused about skincare products- here’s the ultimate simple routine’, The Telegraph,

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