The Science Behind Ageing Well


Most of us hope to live to a vigorous old age. To help us do that researchers are exploring ways to overcome some of the most common reasons why we age. Getting old is inevitable. However, there are many ways for us to control how we age.

Researchers have found that there are many factors that play a key role in living and ageing well. Nu Skin’s 20-30 years of study on this topic has led us to understand that some of the most important factors include diet, physical activity, social and psychological well-being. In addition, economic status and physiological health have also been shown to have an impact.

If that seems like a long list, it's highlighting the paradigm that it's not just one thing that contributes to ageing well, but a combination of positive impactors.


Check out our tips below on how to slow down the ageing process and age well:

TIP 1: Make small changes to your diet to lower your risk of many diseases associated with ageing. Try avoiding processed meats and packaged foods. Take health supplements if you struggle to obtain a healthy amount of nutrition through diet alone.

TIP 2: Regularly participate in exercise because a body in motion will age better than one on the couch.

TIP 3: Stimulate your mind by reading or doing activities like yoga. Remember that ageing well means taking care of both the mind and the body.

TIP 4: Remain social and enjoy the connections you have in life. Stay in touch with family and friends and form new relationships along the way.

TIP 5: Protect your skin from environmental ageing aggressors. Use a skin care regimen and always apply sunscreen to improve the texture, clarity and pigmentation of your skin.


Dr Mark Bartlett, Vice President of Global Research and Development of Pharmanex commented on the top three countries that age well. He said that, Japan, Italy, and Spain are known for their long lifespans and healthy ageing. However, it’s not the country, but rather the certain behaviours that typify the average citizen of that country. 


The populations of these countries generally eat diets high in fruits and vegetables (excellent sources of antioxidants and phytonutrients) as well as fish (a source of essential omega-3 fatty acids). The Japanese people consume a significant amount of fermented foods, and diets in Spain and Italy are reflective of a typical Mediterranean diet which is shown to protect health. The incidence of heart disease and other non-communicable diseases are low in these nations compared to many other parts of the world. These populations also have a strong sense of community and purpose, and they also make physical activity part of their everyday lives. All these factors play a significant part in ageing well.


From the outside in and the inside out, Nu Skin is the key to looking and feeling your best!!

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