The ageLOC TR90 eating plan recommends six portions of protein per day, spread throughout the day. Here are a few easy strategies to help you successfully incorporate protein with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.



A serving of the ageLOC TR90 TrimShake will provide one portion of protein for breakfast. A second portion can be obtained from a portion of eggs cooked to preference, Greek yogurt, or low fat cottage cheese, for example. For added variety, you can mix the shake with skim milk, low fat Greek yogurt (your second protein portion), and a portion of fruit for a convenient, on-the-go breakfast.



One way to get adequate protein at lunch and dinner is to choose protein sources that you are comfortable eating two servings of in one meal. Fish can work well for this. Choose low fat meats when possible. Skinless chicken breast, lean cuts of beef or pork, and 93% lean ground meat are all low fat options. Fish is an excellent option because it primarily provides high quality protein and healthy fats.


For variety, you can also choose one meat protein source and one non-meat protein source for your meal. For example, pair skinless chicken breast with tofu. When deciding on the non-meat protein source, consider options that would go well with other portions of your meal. For example, a serving of low fat Greek yogurt can be easily combined with a serving of fresh fruit as a flavorful side for a serving of meat of your choice.


It is important to realise that not all protein sources are equal. Meats tend to pack more protein into a smaller size compared to non-meat protein sources. That’s why, with the ageLOC TR90 eating plan, a portion of protein from meat should be the size and thickness of your palm, but a non-meat protein portion should be about the size of your fist. Using this metric, meat and non-meat sources will provide approximately equivalent amounts of protein.



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