The Power to Defy Your Age


The human body is a miracle. It naturally learns, evolves, and repairs itself. In fact, it is designed to live young. We are all born with internal Ageing Defence Mechanisms (ADM’s) designed to resist the effects of ageing. These ADM’s are the body’s way of fighting off and maintaining resistance to ageing aggressors which include things such as pollution, sun exposure, poor diet, and stress. Our current research is focused on six categories of ADM’s found in every cell of the body: Antioxidant Defence, Detox and Stress Response, DNA Protection and Repair, Tissue Renewal, Metabolism Regulation and Inflammatory Balance.


As we age, changes in gene expression, as well as disruption from ageing aggressors, cause the body's ADM’s to decline in function, performance, and ability, and hence ageing effects on the body are accelerated, and we start to feel the adverse effects of getting older. No one wants to look or feel old. Even as we age, we all want our bodies and minds to continue feeling youthful and healthy. The key is to give the body what it needs so it can continue to do what it is designed to do: live young.


How does ageLOC® Y-Span® keep me living young?

ageLOC Y-Span promotes the optimal expression of key groups of genes and delivers enhanced nutritional benefits. It supports healthy ageing defence mechanisms and provides the body with powerful, protective anti-ageing support to help us age youthfully. The health benefits that result from ageLOC Y-Span’s many ingredients vary depending on the targeted body tissue, but the approach is the same – supporting the six categories of ADM’s. This is how ageLOC Y-Span can provide systemic youth preservation benefits.


Through Nu Skin’s proprietary science, we can identify ingredients that can positively modulate gene expression and restore our ADM’s to youthful activity, providing significant support to areas of the body such as the heart, brain, metabolism and cellular health.


The more we study our genes, the more we can fully understand the importance of a balanced and varied diet. Taking it back to the hunter and gatherer days of our ancestors, the human body was accustomed to eating a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and proteins depending on the season and area they lived. These days, it’s much more difficult to obtain the same range of nutrients our ancestors depended on – even if you have a healthy diet.


This is why the ingredients in ageLOC Y-Span are so exciting. This revolutionary supplement is full of ingredients that aren’t readily available in a healthy or common diet. Several of ageLOC Y-Span’s natural ingredients are only found in foods consumed in distinct parts of the world, and obtaining the same amount of ingredients found in an ageLOC Y-Span capsule everyday would be almost impossible.



Everyone can benefit from ageLOC Y-Span. The benefits it provides are foundational and broad spectrum, making it the first product everyone should reach for, regardless of diet, age, or lifestyle.