Maxcast Overview

Maxcast Overview

What is "Maxcast" and how does it work?
Maxcast is a service designed to let you broadcast your videos online. Send your videos to to preserve them in digital format. Then assemble your videos into one or more streaming video channels to share them with others!

Maxcast includes the following services:

Maxcast Free Trial
We invite you to try Maxcast for 30 days absolutely FREE! Come see what makes Maxcast the ultimate online video solution in the market place today. Visit www.maxcast .com and login with your NSE (or Photomax) username and password to start your free trial today!

Several Subscriptions to Choose From
Aside from the free trial, Maxcast offers 4 distinct subscriptions to choose from ranging in price from $9.95 to $99.95 per month depending on your usage and needs. To learn more about these subscriptions please click here to visit our Maxcast products page.

Advanced Editing Suite
Maxcast customers have access to the most advanced editing tools available for creating clips and custom channel sequences. You provide the name, description, and categories for each clip or video. Categories provide a method for simple organization and navigation.

Maxcast Network
Share any channel or video with a larger audience by including it as part of the public directory of the Maxcast Network. Others will be able to find and view your online videos.