ageLOC reveals the Secret of Youth


Feeling the effects of time? Now you can have a say in how you look and feel as you age, thanks to ageLOC. 


Using ageLOC science, we have found ways to reset Youth Gene Clusters to more youthful patterns of activity. With this knowledge, we are able to conceive and deliver a single product family that can help to address major anti-aging concerns. The result is an entirely new class of anti-aging products Nu Skin calls Aging Response Modulators (ARMs).


ARMs TARGET THE SOURCES OF AGING IN ORDER TO HELP US LOOK AND FEEL YOUNGER, and they are both skin care and nutritional products. We first developed topical ARMs (ageLOC skin care products), and then we develop a nutritional ARMs. Currently, our ARMs portfolio consists of five ageLOC skin care products and one ageLOC nutritional product, with several more products in development. ARMs represent what we believe will become the world’s most complete and advanced anti-aging solution.