Nu Skin Science


A world-renowned Scientific Advisory Board representing top research and learning institutions around the globe along with our Scientific Management Team of Ph.D. scientists lead our team of over 75 in-house scientists to come together to propel our research forward into new frontiers.



At Nu Skin, our product innovation begins with scientific insights backed by a quality process that we call our 6s Quality Process. Our scientists span a broad range of scientific disciplines, allowing us to foster limitless new avenues of inquiry and innovation. Their expertise gives us unprecedented opportunities to develop and deliver proprietary, cutting-edge products that help improve lives. Our team of in-house scientists located in two global Research Centers with state-of-the-art labs including formulation, stability, microbiology, clinical, and chemistry labs demonstrate our commitment to research and development.



Nu Skin's proprietary anti-aging science is based on exclusive access to more than 30 years of anti-aging and gene expression research. Acquiring LifeGen Technologies gave us exclusive ownership of the largest anti-aging gene expression data base of its kind which has led our science to go beyond the symptoms of aging to target the sources of aging. These discoveries have yielded worldwide media attention with numerous patents, posters, presentations, and published articles.


Nu Skin’s anti-aging science is not dependent on any single discovery or scientific paper; instead, our Nu Skin research and development scientists have incorporated key learnings from leading genetic researchers and anti-aging specialists. Throughout the development of Nu Skin’s anti-aging science, a number of patents have been licensed in or filed to further protect the proprietary information and technology we utilize.



We are revolutionizing the industry with products that offer comprehensive anti-aging solutions. Our proprietary product formulations and technologies enable us to set new industry standards in anti-aging, with real solutions that exhibit demonstrable results. Rather than rely on testimonials for evidence, we rely on scientific literature and scientific studies. Please take a moment to view our impressive list of scientific studies.