Nu Skin Enterprises Center for Anti-Aging Research (Provo, Utah)


As Nu Skin continues to create history, the new 22,000-square-foot (2,044m2) Center for Anti-Aging Research is the epicenter for continual innovation and scientific discovery. The Innovation Center features five state-of-the-art labs used for the development and evaluation of Nu Skin products.


Formulation Lab where Nu Skin personal care products go through rigorous testing to ensure functionality and integrity. This includes testing viscosity, pH values, UVA protection, and skin absorption to create innovative products that work.


Stability Lab where products are tested under normal and extreme conditions including prolonged exposure to heat, freezing, and UV rays. This ensures products maintain their integrity and shelf life.


Microbiology Lab where products are screened and validated in state-of-the-art, HEPA-filtered rooms. This protects against potential contaminants and tests the preservation systems used in the products.


Clinical Lab where scientists conduct preliminary safety, efficacy, and consumer-use studies to help in product development and evaluation prior to being sent to third-party research organizations for final validation.


Chemistry Lab where scientists use advanced analytical instruments to develop the best testing methods for vitamins, minerals, and herbal products.


Our scientific engine is as strong today as it has ever been, and with our new research and development labs, Nu Skin is poised to continue providing comprehensive health and skin care solutions for the anti-aging industry.


Greater China Innovation Park (Fengxian, China)


The center at the Greater China Innovation Park contributes to Pharmanex research and product development. The 20,400-square-foot (1900m2) center is staffed with many research scientists—more than half of which have their doctorate or master’s degree. As part of the Pharmanex 6S® Quality Process, the center is involved in all aspects of the selection, safety, and substantiation phases. It has six state-of-the-art labs used for the development and evaluation of Nu Skin products.


Research Chemistry Lab where new ingredients and active components are discovered. Here scientists research and develop natural extracts and new products, coordinating pre-clinical and clinical studies with them.


Methods Development Lab where scientists develop analytical methods for new ingredients and finished products. The methods determine levels of active ingredients and purity to ensure product integrity and proper ingredient selection.


Quality Chemistry Lab where scientists test raw ingredients and finished products for standardization and uniformity. They design and conduct stability studies to determine product shelf life and integrity under varied conditions.


Microbiology Lab where HEPA filters, airlocks, and room sterilization processes ensure a sterile environment for testing.


Pilot Plant Lab where dietary supplement products are created for studies, stability, and manufacturability.


Manufacturing Quality Control Lab is used for quality control testing and releasing Nu Skin health food products.