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Three Tips For Developing Fruitful Business Relationships

Learn Simple Techniques to Expand any Business

Business Relationships

Relationships…It’s what keeps us sane and successful in life. The type of relationships we have define who we are and what we are about. They motivate us towards the positives in life and compel us to perform acts of kindness. Our relationships in life are what we rely on in times of need, sadness, joy and opportunity.


The same holds true for business relationships. Proper networking and the art of building business relationships of trust is what sets apart the “haves” from the “have nots,” and successful businesses from those that continue to struggle. Indeed, the act and art of proper networking and relationship building is what business is all about.


In the past, industry detractors have attacked the way certain Distributors approach the business. They have often pointed to the way some abuse their personal relationships to further business goals. This should not be a surprise to anyone as interpersonal relationships are among our most fiercely guarded assets as human beings, and the perceived abuse of trust in relationships can often trigger strong emotional responses.


While we might not be able to change the opinions of doubters and nay-sayers overnight, perhaps we can find ways we can improve the way we build and maintain relationships. Here are three things you can start doing today that will improve both your relationships and your ability to share the innovative business opportunity and exclusive products Nu Skin has to offer. 


Live Honestly.


First, set high standards for yourself. Be committed to doing things ethically and honestly – not just in business dealings, but in everything you do. As you live by the values you espouse, people will notice. 


People notice the way we dress, speak and even our work ethic. Give them a reason to ask what makes you so happy? Give them a reason to ask what your secret is and why you don’t look your age? Demonstrate your personal difference every day and the relationships you will gain will be fruitful.


Focus on Friendship First.


Next, we need to see those outside the Nu Skin family first as friends, and then as potential business partners. Where relationships are concerned, there is no such thing as instant gratification. Real and meaningful relationships take time and effort and developing them is a skill that can be constantly refined.


Now, apply this to the way you approach and gain business relationships. Sure it will take patience, building relationships takes time. Successful business partnerships are not established in just one meeting. Team Elite’s don’t build their strong organisations in one week. It all takes time, understanding, kindness, perseverance and dedication. Make your friendship with your perspective business contacts first priority and your relationship with them will last a lifetime.


There is an unwritten rule that friends do business with friends first, not strangers – nowhere is this more true than in direct sales. Many successful distributorships begin when friends or family members become engaged together in the business. But if your friend or family member is not interested in a business relationship right now, be sure to maintain your non-business relationship. The timing may not be right for them. There may be other circumstances or concerns that are hindering them. Whatever the case may be, your personal relationships are infinitely more valuable than any business could ever be.


Be Persistent and available.


Have you ever been in a doctor’s office when a pharmaceutical or insurance representative stops by? What do they do? First, they bring lunch for the whole office because that is the time most of the staff are able to listen. While they are eating, the rep will causally talk about small things and really get to know the people on a personal basis. Now, do the workers know what’s going to happen at the end? Of course they do, but they are momentarily sold because of the free delicious food and great conversation. At the end, the rep makes a quick pitch and explains why the products they have are superior to others. The rep will then ask for questions, provide free samples and then ask if there is any immediate interest or questions. Whereupon the office staff would most likely say they want to try out the samples, study the product and then follow up in a few weeks. In many instances, these sales reps work for months or even years to establish relationships without making a sale. But once the sale is made, many offices stay with the same sales rep for life.


Is your approach similar to that of a pharmaceutical rep? Are you up front about your intentions and what you represent, or do you feel like you have to sugar coat the truth to pique someone’s interest?  Do your contacts look bored or are they interested to hear what you have to say? Do you give them an adequate amount of time to study out our business and products? Do you follow up to answer questions or address concerns? If not, perhaps you should re-evaluate the way you’re running your business – remembering that time and persistent dedication are often necessary for developing recruiting committed team members and creating long lasting success.


In the end, the best indicator of your success as a Nu Skin Distributor is the quality of your relationships. Building relationships is a necessary ingredient to a successful and happy life. When you take the time to form stronger and more lasting relationships, you can see great results in your business.