All about Genes


The scientific community has access to the Human Genome, but Nu Skin’s breakthrough ageLOC science gives us the ability to interpret it in a meaningful way for anti-aging.


By leveraging 30 years of genomic research, Nu Skin has placed itself in front of this scientific trend and is a clear leader in the industry.


The path leading up to discovery of Nu Skin’s ageLOC science is quite interesting. Since James Watson, Francis Crick and Rosalind Franklin discovered the structure of DNA in 1953, the field of genetics has been advancing at an amazing rate. By 2003, the entire human genome had been sequenced, or decoded. From this advancement, we now know that humans have somewhere between 20,000 and 30,000 genes. About one tenth of those genes are involved in the regulation of expression of the rest and gene expression patterns change as we age.

Genes that were expressed at low rates during youth might increase in their expression as we age, while others decrease their rate of expression.


Hence, by understanding how gene expression changes with age and how to externally influence it through gene expression modulation, Nu Skin offers a whole new way of looking at aging.


Gene Expression Modulation


Gene expression modulation means to reset gene expression toward youthful expression.


If a gene is up-regulated during the aging response, modulation by ageLOC adjusts expression of that gene downward, towards more youthful expression levels.


If a gene is down-regulated during the aging response, modulation by ageLOC increases the expression of that gene toward more youthful levels.