AgeLOC Opportunity, Science & Advantages


By targeting the ultimate sources of aging, ageLOC science can dramatically diminish the appearance of aging.


Over the past few generations, perceptions and behaviors towards aging have changed significantly. These days, people are taking a very active and deliberate approach to reducing fine lines on their skin. The desire to retain a younger look and feel isn’t restricted to just the older generation. In fact, modern men and women are starting to make lifestyle changes to increase their life spans and they’re certainly more willing to spend time and money on anti-aging skin care products that could minimize the signs of aging.


This commitment to innovation and the determination towards a healthier living has prompted and guided Nu Skin in the development of cutting-edge products to position itself as a leader in the anti-aging industry. As technology advances, people now have a longer lifespan, creating a demand for products to make them feel healthier and look younger.


AGELOC Science

Nu Skin’s ageLOC science studies the genetic origins of how and why we age. It targets the source of aging - our gene expression. Nu Skin scientists are able to identify the gene expression that influence aging, select the ingredients that can affect the genes, so that these genes can start to behave like young genes again. Nu Skin ageLOC boasts an unmatched product portfolio with skin care products and health supplements that help you fight the signs of aging.


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