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Ask the Expert: Cleansing and Conditioning



Nu Skin offers a range of hair care products and it can be confusing to try and figure out which products should be used—Epoch Ava puhi moni Shampoo and Conditioner or Nu Skin Hair Care.  One way to know what hair care products that might be right for you is to understand the type and shape of your hair.




Epoch Ava puhi moni products include the ethnobotanical ingredient, zingiber zerumbet (ava puhi extract). For generations Polynesians have used this extract from the bulb-like flower of the ava puhi to soften, condition and add shine to hair. Polynesians tend to have thick, coarse, curly hair with a flat, oval-shaped hair shaft.


Due to this structure, natural moisturizers from the scalp have great difficulty moving down the shaft. The result is dry, difficult to manage hair. Kinky hair does not reflect light as well and therefore tends to lack shine compared to straighter hair.  If your hair is thick, coarse, highly curly and dry or you suffer from dandruff, the Epoch Ava puhi moni products would be great to try. For dry hair it is also recommended to use the moisturizing shampoo together with the rich conditioner.


Nu Skin Hair Care is a system of shampoos and conditioners. When developing these products, R&D focused on two main types of hair—circular vs. kidney shaped shaft. A kidney-shaped hair shaft shape tends to be slightly curly or wavy. More circular-shaped shafts lead to straighter hair. The cuticle is thicker and lies down at a steeper angle. This hair structure has been found to be stronger.


Due to these differences in hair structure, the base formula of Balancing Shampoo and Weightless Conditioner were formulated for wavy hair (i.e. kidney-shaped shaft), while Moisturizing Shampoo and Rich Conditioner are more suited round hair shafts resulting in thicker, straight hair. Moisturizing Shampoo and Rich conditioner provide more silicones and shea butter to help this straight, shiny hair. Whereas Balancing Shampoo and Weightless Conditionerare “lighter” formulations to allow for more volume often needed in thinner, kidney hair shafts.


All hair types can benefit from the Clarifying Shampoo and ReNu Hair Mask. Periodic use of Clarifying Shampoo helps rid the hair of build up and ride the shaft of environmental toxins. It is also a great benefit after spending a day at the beach or pool by helping to rid the hair shaft of salt and/or chlorine. While ReNu Hair Mask, formulated with ingredients to provide a deep conditioning, increased strength and shine. Those in dry, especially cold, dry, environments may use ReNu Hair Mask more frequently to reduce hair static.


Hair needs change periodically with age, changes in environment, style, etc. So while this lends some insight into the development of Nu Skin’s hair care offering, what works best for each individual will vary. As such, some trial and error may be needed.