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Around the world, people are focusing on becoming their personal best. They are increasingly looking for custom-made solutions that fit their specific needs.


Alongside this movement, science and technology are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with skin care. Personalised skin care is a $12.2 billion1 market that is rapidly growing as companies are developing products to respond to the demand.


Beauty devices alone are a $2.3 billion market2, forecasted to grow to $4.5 billion by 2018.


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"One-size-fits all" is no longer the norm.


Consumers want to express their personality through their product selection, experiences & choices.


Customisation is the new phenomenon.


Consumers no expect to have a hand in the process and expect to continuously be able to customise their products and make modifications over time. This process is not only driven from a desire to perfect a product over time, but with the enjoyment & freedom to create.


Every day, consumers are faced with the dilemma of wanting and having more choices, but have less and less time to make product decisions. Sometimes the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming.


But what if you could have a product that answers to these issues?


ageLOC Me, Nu Skin's innovative and revolutionary anti-ageing skin care system combines the best of Nu Skin's formulations with the benefit of customisation will be undoubtedly a game-changer in the skin care market.


1. Canadean Research Firm, Sept 2014

2. Kline, Beauty Device 2013 Fact Sheet

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